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Postby Terrowin » 31 Jul 2012, 16:44

Terrowins Build Porfolio

Project 1
Tudor House

/Warp TudorHouse

Brief Synopsis
This house is based on a doll house when researching for houses. It's mainly for the upper-class citizens of Tudor times, and would usually house about 2-6 people. I configured mine to house around 4 people. This is also my first build so Bravo!

Rooms in the House
Here are the rooms within the house;
1 - Main Welcome area/Open plan living room/kitchen
2 - Main stairwell into long hall
3 - Office
4 - Guest Bedroom
5 - Master Stairwell
6 - Libary
7 - Master Bedroom attached onto Libary

Image - Exterior
Image - Garden
Image - Pond
Image - Main Room
Image - Main Room
Image - Long Hall
Image - Office
Image - Long Hall
Image - Bedroom 1
Image - Master Stairwell
Image - Libary
Image - Loveseat :3
Image - Master Bedroom

Collecting Ideas for Build 2! PM me them :3
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