How to get help whilst on the CityCraft Build Server...

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How to get help whilst on the CityCraft Build Server...

Postby joebladon » 05 Aug 2011, 19:54

Help in Game

Whether you are new to the CityCraft Build Server or even if you are a regular with a question you need answered, we will always be happy to help you!

In most cases, you can simply ask your question in chat and you should get a reply from a fellow player. Mods and Admins will aim to answer you if they aren't busy with helping others, but if its a simple question then there are most likely some regulars who can help you out instead. It is probably best to start out asking in the public chat so that more people have the chance to help but you can also private message a player by typing '/msg [username] [message]'. Please note that at peak times some messages can be overlooked and so you made need to re-ask :) Try to be patient though, we are only human ;)

Protection of Plots
If you are looking to get your plot protected then you will need to submit a Mod Request - known as a 'modreq'. To do this you type '/modreq [message]. You don't need to include the brackets! Just type: '/modreq I need my plot protected please' and wait patiently :) These messages are visible by all Mod and Admin, allowing them to help you when they are available. This is a very popular way to get help and therefore, there can be a bit of a wait in the queue depending on how many Mods/Admins are online at the time. Remember to be patient and please DO NOT post multiple requests. If you have sent in the modreq correctly, you will simply have to wait for your turn. We deal with the requests on a first come, first served basis. It helps if you ask us to protect AFTER something has been built so we know how far to protect, but we can also protect empty plots if you ask.

Warp Signs
Warp signs can be created by anyone. If you need a warp sign, place a sign and write on the top line "[Warp]", and then on the second line you can write the name of the warp. If the [Warp] on the top line turns blue, congratulations! You've made a warp sign! If it turns red, then it hasn't worked, so check over what you have written and make sure that you haven't made any typos. If it still doesn't work, check to see if the warp exists by doing /warp <warp name>. If it doesn't change colour at all, then the sign isn't working, so check you've got [Warp] on the top line. If it's still not working, feel free to send a /modreq to help. You can use the warp sign by right-clicking the sign, and then you should warp to the area. :D


Please DO NOT:
- Submit more than one or two (at the most) modreqs at one time! This makes the queue longer!
- Attempt to chat through the /modreq, it is for help only. No normal chatter please!
- Speak in a foreign language via modreq, English only as its what the majority of us speak/understand! :P
- Spam the /modreq. You will be banned.
- Ask admins or mods for teleport (/tp) unless it's to the specific mod or admin

If there is anything else a Mod/Admin wishes to add, please feel free :)

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