The Town Of Crentorton!

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The Town Of Crentorton!

Postby NintendoDS » 10 May 2014, 12:06

Hey guys it's me, Stevie back with another post, and today I will be talking about my new town so called Crentorton! This town is not just any ordinary town, it's builds apply differently. Where you spawn is a small little area. There are signs that can guide you through Crentorton! This town is basically a town with many builds. But these builds are builds based on real builds. For example, I would make 2 little sandboxes into a huge Build Competition arena! And that is exactly what I did. Right now in Crentorton we are looking for staff! Just check out /warp Crentorton and then get a book & quill. Just fill in what you think is right! We are also always expanding the town, but we NEVER get rid of any builds. (Unless dirt huts). There will be an expansion for the creative area. That area can only be built on by staff of the town with my approval. You're probably thinking that this is lame like when you can't build in the Donator World. Well, you could get my approval even if you aren't staff but, there is going to be a residential area! In there we will include plots, houses, apartments etc. I hope you enjoy! I will be posting some screenshots later but for now this is this and the warp is /warp Crentorton :lol:

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Re: The Town Of Crentorton!

Postby Expertwolfgamer » 16 Jun 2014, 22:25

Does it have plots? If so, can I have one.
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