New Project - Vulcano City

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New Project - Vulcano City

Postby Tyfomsis » 18 Aug 2014, 00:15

As some of you know I have had many projects on Build and lately been cleaning them out and only keeping a few.

Since the Joecave project started I have been slowly building a tavern there, but lately it seems that the project has stopped.
So I loved this little tavern so much that I have today had the help of Evan (TMod) to get started on a volcano.
In this volcano I plan on doing my next project, which is inspired by my tavern "The Firesalamander".
This will be a slow moving project, and once I got just the basics of it put down, I will share the warp so people can follow my project.

As always this is a one man project, but I will welcome ideas, so here are some keywords for this project.


Warp is /warp vulcano

I misspelled volcano when giving the plot its name, so the project just got its name "Vulcano City".
Not much to see yet except the volcano and entrance, but check back next weekend and more should have been added.
I am building this using the MISA texture pack, to which I am slowly adding textures from other packs, where MISA has not made ones.

As of today, 22/08-2014, the doors to Vulcano City can be opened.
Hobby helped fill in the down below of my volcano, so I could build the doorbell.
The main tavern room of The Firesalamander is also done, next up is the back rooms and the House of Trades.
If you visit, do leave a comment in this thread and tell me what you think.
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/warp snestad

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/warp tyfo_mbc2014
/warp vulcano

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