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Who still visits the forums regularly and builds?

11 Sep 2014, 04:54

Guys, I want to know who still visits the forums regularly-ish, and builds things.

I'd quite like to get to meet you and see what you're up to because in future I want to make some build projects and start getting people involved in building and developing their skills.
So PM me on here or find me on Skype - kayinhey (New Zealand) and message me there with your username saying you found me here.

I'm up for restoring CC to its former glory and taking it even a couple of steps further, having it be one of the great MC servers around. It won't be hard because with all the people with their heads in the sand after the EULA changes and just plain old complaining, all it takes is some positive, committed people who want to make a difference to the server :)

I'm one of them.

Message me soon and check out the build competition I've posted in Projects :)

Cheers guys.

Re: Who still visits the forums regularly and builds?

11 Sep 2014, 10:05

I play like every other day, for now, but mainly I am on Tekkit with the stress test.
I check the forums when ever I log on and sometimes even just to see if something is going on.
Lately I too have felt and seen a decline in players and thinking what is going down. Since the changes where implemented in August by Joe, I saw a ton of people on, or like 30 - 40, but now it seems like either:

1. People found other servers.
2. People are occupied for the time being.
3. People got tired, for various reasons.

Personally I get lonely and I did not come on a multi-player server if I did not want to interact with people.
I know I am a solo builder, but I can chat while I build and did have a small project going with Jam and Hobby, but then Tekkit got to me.
Currently I am working on my volcano project, maybe once every second week, damn you Tekkit, and I have started to do recordings of my projects on the server, which should be done later today I hope. So keep an eye on Youtube and search for Tyfomsis or Citycraft.

Videos done, head ache time :-/
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