[NEW] Survival Starter Guide

Information about the survival server.

[NEW] Survival Starter Guide

Postby Demcmd » 07 Jan 2014, 14:59

This is being based off of a post originally made by burelol and is updated for the present.

1. GodLogin

When you first log onto the server, you get approximately 15 minutes of 'God Mode'. This means that you will take no damage from PvP. Take this time to go into the Warzone and get away from the spawn area which will give you the time to head out to unclaimed areas of the CityCraft map. Please note that you still take damage from hunger, mobs, and fall damage during this time.

2. Setting Up a Faction

With factions, you have two options. The first is to create a faction and the second is to join one. I recommend starting out on your own or with your friend if you have only recently first joined. To create a faction, use the command /f create [faction]. For example, if I were to make a faction and I wanted the faction to be called 'Indigo', I would type /f create Indigo in chat. After this you have a faction. Every faction requires an invite to join, and you can undo this to make anybody join by doing /f open, although this is higly unrecommended as you will most likely get a raider that steals all your stuff! To invite people to the faction, use the command /f invite [player]. If I were to invite the player 'DerpyDoesMC', I would type /f join DerpyDoesMC, and they will receive an invite to join the faction.

3. Marking Your Territory

The next thing is something you need to think about before doing: claiming land. To claim land, use the command /f claim. This will make the chunk (a 16x16 segment of the loaded world) only accessible to people in your faction. You can now build in this chunk without having the risk of somebody breaking in and stealing your items.

4. Claiming a New Home

It's important to have an immediate teleport to your base so you don't have to walk all the way out from spawn to your base. To set a faction home, type /f sethome while you are in a chunk claimed by your faction. You can now get back to the block you are currently standing on by typing /f home.

5. A Secure Base

This is more of a tip than a guide, but it's here anyways. Make sure that the ONLY way inside your base is to use /f home while also being a member of the faction. Be smart when making walls and prevent building a wall outside your claimed land, as it will have a risk of being raided. It's important to remember to secure your base to ensure that everything inside the walls is completely safe. Even one flaw can result in your items being gone.

6. It's All About the Money

When you first start playing you don't get much money. How do you get money? Simple! Obviously, this is a Survival server, meaning you have to get what you need from the resources you find in the ground or above the grass. Sell items like wooden planks, iron ingots, redstone, diamonds, etc. to gain money. You can use this money to buy gear that you need to gain an advantage on the server, such as enchanted diamond pickaxes or mob spawners.

7. Voting

What is this voting you speak of? Elect a new server owner? No, don't go stupid. This is a way of supporting the server. Voting for the server on websites gives it more popularity as the higher amount of votes the server has, the more people will see it and the more likely people will start playing on CityCraft. You can vote at [url]vote.citycraft.co.uk[/url] (make sure you have a forum account). For every vote you do, you will get one CC Token. These tokens can be redeemed for items in the Token Shop. Items can vary by potions, in-game money, beacons, or enchanted diamond tools.

8. Upgrade!

Now that we have everything running smoothly, why not get a higher rank? You can get the Member rank for free in a very easy way. Register on these forums, then go to your Survival Profile and click 'Upgrade to Member'. You will get a few additional perks including /sethome. A full list of the Member perks can be found here: http://forum.citycraft.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=54175

9. Keeping CityCraft Running

We keep CityCraft running by donating to the server to pay off the hosting company that hosts this Minecraft server. Through donations, you benefit the server and yourself in-game. When you go to donate, you have the option to donate for one of the five Tier packages. The ranks go from Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, and Tier 5. Tier 1 has the least amount of additional perks, while Tier 5 has the most. Tier 1 costs 10 pounds, Tier 2 costs 20 pounds, Tier 3 costs 30 pounds, Tier 4 costs 40 pounds, and Tier 5 costs 50 pounds. A full list can be found here: http://forum.citycraft.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=54175

This thread will be updated as I brainstorm things to add to this thread, that will be vital to getting started on CityCraft.
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