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Faction Command Guide

Postby NDH97 » 06 Jan 2014, 14:31

I noticed that since we updated to the new versions of factions the old Faction Command help is kind of out of date :P

/f create name Creates a faction with set name e.g. /f create Easy creates a faction called easy

/f name newname Sets a new faction name e.g. /f name Lemonade changes the faction name to lemonade

/f desc deschere Changes your faction description e.g. /f desc We are the best! Sets your description as "We are the best!"

/f inv playername Invites somebody to your faction e.g. /f inv JoeBladon invites joebladon to your faction

/f f Display information regarding a faction including allys, enemys, members, power. You can also put a player or faction name after it so /f f JoeBladon shows information about JoeBladons faction

/f p Displays your power, putting somebody elses name such as /f p joebladon will display JoeBladons power

/f join factionname Joins a faction e.g. /f join Lemons joins the faction 'Lemons'

/f leave Leaves your faction

/f home Teleports you to your faction home normally set in your base

/f sethome Sets your /f home (Only 1 per faction and must be in your land

/f ally factionname Ally a faction e.g. /f ally lemons allies "Lemons"

/f truce factionname Truce a faction e.g. /f Truce lemons allies "Lemons"

/f neutral factionname Neutral a faction e.g. /f Neutral lemons allies "Lemons"

/f enemy factionname Enemy a faction e.g. /f ally enemy allies "Lemons"

/f promote playername Gives somebody in your faction a higher rank (Only /f officers and leader can do this) e.g. /f promote Joebladon gives Joebladon a higher rank

/f officer playername Can only be done by leader and gives a faction member faction officer e.g. /f officer Joebladon gives Joebladon faction officer

/f kick playername Kicks somebody from the faction e.g. /f kick Joebladon kicks Joebladon from the faction

/f map Displays claims of land by factions around you

/f map on Same as /f map but updates when you enter a new chunk

/f map off Turns off the above feature

/f title name title Change a players title in your faction e.g /f title JoeBladon noob would give "JoeBladon" the title "Noob"

I will add more commands and info at a later date, staff feel free to edit!
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