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Survival - Trade Signs

Postby joebladon » 08 Jan 2013, 21:57


The ability to use trade signs has now been added to the server.

Buy signs will be removed from the spawn shop leaving just the ability to sell.

The server is now moving over to a player run economy with faction run shops.
Member and higher can create shop signs which can be placed anywhere in their land.

The idea behind this change is to create stronger bonds between factions. Having a reliable faction to buy from/sell to is now going to be very important.
Scam and cheat those who use your shop and no one will trust you, meaning no one will shop with you and this will cause you to be a poor faction.

Being a safe place to buy and sell will be something people are going to look for now. So make sure if you are going to run a faction shop that you aim to provide this.

I recommend if you are one of the factions with a spawn plot that you make this into your shop and offer escorts from spawn to your shop, or if you are a high enough rank then use /tpahere.

Trade signs are also going to give players a reason farm, mine and collect valuable materials to sell adding the fun back into minecraft.

How To Use Trade Signs:

I have made this short tutorial video showing you how to use trade signs.

Here is a written guide on how to use trade signs.


I really hope you all enjoy this update, if you have any questions please create a post in Questions section of the forums.

New Rules:

1) A shop owner cannot kill a customer they have invited to their shop.

2) A customer cannot kill a shop owner while using their shop.

Both of there are classed under the Scamming Rule and have the same punishment.
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