Survival - Virtual Pack [Chest, Craft, Brew, Enchant, Smelt]

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Survival - Virtual Pack [Chest, Craft, Brew, Enchant, Smelt]

Postby joebladon » 12 Nov 2012, 18:14


Today I have replaced one of the oldest survival plugins (AlphaChest) most of you know of this as /chest. I think this is probably the most popular plugin on the server and for good reason!
The idea behind it is to give a player a full size double private chest to store their most valuable items in.

The plugin that i have chosen to replace AlphaChest offers the exact same perks and much much more!

This new plugin allows for;
Tier 1 +
- 1 Virtual Chest
- Virtual Crafting
- Virtual Enchanting Table (Max level)
Tier 2 +
- Virtual Furnace
- 5 Virtual Brewingstands
Tier 5 +
- 2 Virtual Chests

Here is a list of the commands for this new plugin.

/v or /v help [x] Show the help (page x)
/v help l Show the linking help for brewingstands

Crafting Table:
/v w Open your workbench

Enchanting Table:
/v e Open your enchantment table

/v c [x] Open your chest nr. x

/v f Open your furnace

Virtual Trash:
/v t Open your trash (if you accidentally put something in here it CANNOT be retrieved

Brewing Stand:
/v b [x] Open your brewing stand nr. x

Linking Bewing Stands.
/v b l [x] [y] Link your brewing stand nr. x with chest nr. y
/v b u [x] Remove the link from your brewing stand nr. x

Linking brewing stands will mean that the pots are passed across to the next stand when they are finished, creating a brewing line.
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