Survival - Battle Arenas

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Survival - Battle Arenas

Postby joebladon » 27 Sep 2012, 23:30


Newly added plugin on the CityCraft Survival server!

Battle Arena allows the server to have automatic arenas for PVP.

We are currently using 3 of the gamemodes that the plugin offers;


/arena join

Queues you for a 4 player free for all in one the arenas. When you type the command you are entered into a queue. When there are 4/4 people in the queue the arena will start. You will be teleported to the arena, your inventory will be saved and arena gear will be given to you. You then fight to be the last man standing. When you either die or win the arena you are teleported out and your inventory restored.

/arena duel [playername]

This challenges a specific player to a 1v1 in a random arena, in this you will have have your inventory saved, be given arena gear for the fight and then have your gear restored when it's over.


/skirmish join

In this gamemode you enter the arena with your own gear. if you die you lose your gear but if you win, you get the gear of your 4 opponents.

/skirmish duel [playername]

This challenges a specific player to a 1v1 in a random arena. You fight using your own gear, if you die you lose your gear but if you win you get the gear of your opponent.


/bg join

In this gamemode you fight in teams of 2, with a total of 5 teams. When there are 10 people in the queue you will be teleported to the BG arena and have gear given to you (Like arena your gear is saved and restored when its over). This game last 5 mins and its the team with the most kills after that time who wins. You re-spawn after each death and have to select a class from the signs at your re-spawn area.

Arena Stats

/arena top

Shows the 5 players with the highest arena score and win to loss ratio. You earn arena point by winning an arena, bg or duel.


- You don't lose money or power when you die in a arena
- You don't need to enemy or leave factions to take part, it will let you fight anyone.
- You are now limited to 20 arenas every day.

* I am aware of the problems with some people losing their inventory. I'm trying to find a fix for it but until then try to avoid having good gear in your inventory when entering arenas. Also if happens to you send me a pm with the time that it happened and I may be able to restore them manually.
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