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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby chloeandphoebe » 04 Nov 2014, 16:17

How much money would it take each month to keep it running?
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby TJM66 » 05 Nov 2014, 06:03

I believe that depends on what server plan CC was running on. A faster server would probably cost more, as a posed to a slower server. That's all I know :)
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby triplethreat323 » 12 Nov 2014, 02:17

I must admit that I stopped playing MC and video games for about 3 months for reasons and when i finally decide to start playing again my first and favorite server has closed down...I'm sad to see it go along with all the friends I've in this gaming community. I just want to thank everyone for making me feel welcome here because most of the time I'm left out of everything(don't ask). CityCraft was one of a kind and it wouldn't feel right to try to find another server like it. I dedicated alot of my time to this server hoping one day that I would get the donater rank that I wanted...But all good things must come to an end. Thank you for being my second family CC and thank you for all the fun I had.
Goodbye forever,
Triple :cry:

P.S. Those of you who want to contact me you know where to find me ;)
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby Connor_109 » 28 Nov 2014, 19:34

I have just come on to CC for the first time in a few months after I had stopped because of other commitments and this has hugely shocked me. It is very saddening to see a server that I really really enjoyed playing on, close down. The CC community was just incredible! I spent about 2 years on the servers and and was the only real big server I played on and was apart of the friendly community. I remember joining this server a couple of years ago and creating some of my greatest minecraft memories on here. I fully understand that Joe and the team have other commitments now and can afford to run it. This is very sad news and I will truly miss Citycraft and all of the Community:(
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby CocoNyan » 13 Dec 2014, 23:13

oh god
i'm a bit late aren't i

well it was a good run, i've been here since i was 11. i'm almost 15 now
god that's scary
add me on skype people? hollyb4e

ahhhHH this is so sad
I'm back. 7/5/13!
I missed you gaiz <3
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby Patric20878 » 03 Jan 2015, 07:50

Whoa, didn't expect this. No email notification either? Sad to see the server go...

Does Joe still have the server files? I have a lot of redstone designs in my place and need to download a copy of my local area, at /warp redlab. I can't find a backup of it on my drive anywhere...

And I most DEFINITELY do not want to lose my 12 hour digital clock design at my warp. Shown in the Rate My Build thread below.

Huge thanks to hobby boy for saving my redlab! Will no longer need the copy from server.
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby nzspottyfur » 03 Jan 2015, 20:33

I sent Joe a PM the week the server shut down last year asking for my schematics, but never got a reply. I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem, or if it was just me? :(
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby Nibink » 04 Jan 2015, 09:44

I think it was ment to be a staff only thing
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We talking, like misdemeanor kind of trouble or "squeal-like-a-pig" trouble?

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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby Reeceusmccreepus » 04 Jan 2015, 11:44

Well, I really miss the server and is there any way for me to get my builds back? i made most of my best builds on CC and i dont want to lose them.
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Re: Shutting Down CityCraft - Q&A

Postby Neil » 05 Jan 2015, 13:49

Just to clarify as a few people joining the thread recently don't seem to realise (or at least sounds like there is some confusion), but the CC servers actually shutdown nearly 4 months ago now.

Patric20878 wrote:No email notification either?

Sorry, but that wasn't actually possibly with the hosting at the time of it being shutdown. The one (and only) time CC sent out a mass mail was for the newsletter which was originally intended to be a regular thing and even though it was opt-in based on forum email address and using the "allow admin to contact" me option, there was still trouble with the hosting company because they don't allow mass emails of any sort. I don't know the specifics, but I believe it was basically something along the lines of "we'll keep hosting your server as long as you don't do it again".

So why not do it anyway if the server was going to be shutdown? They'd probably have just pulled the plug straight away with no extra warning since CC had already been told it wasn't allowed/had a warning (and at the time the forums hadn't yet been migrated to a different webserver so it would have left nothing if they did that).

nzspottyfur wrote:I sent Joe a PM the week the server shut down last year asking for my schematics, but never got a reply.

Sadly I think there is a bit of a general misunderstanding concerning schematics. They only exist if they were specifically saved and only staff members (people with WorldEdit) actually had the ability to do that. Every time a WorldEdit was performed it didn't automatically make a schematic, the staff member would have specifically needed to select the entire area AND type in //schematic save XXXX (where XXXX is a filename) which would save it to the servers harddrive. Normally no real point to doing that so no one did it. It was generally only used if something was definitely going to be needed to be repeatedly pasted in, or for backup purposes like spawn buildings.

Sorry that I don't have better news!
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