Voting Really Matters!

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Voting Really Matters!

Postby XxGurleenxX » 25 Jan 2014, 01:21

Voting Really Matters!

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Now why is Voting Important you may ask? Every day when I go onto the Build Server there is this broadcast. Vote at and earn..... So sometimes I see people Voting occasionally and some people vote all the chances they get, like me. So some people don't realize how important it is. Like who cares, just to get money, but that is not true.

Why It's Important To VOTE!

I'm Here to get YOU inspired to vote. It's not just to get money, but it also helps the server. Do you really think the server can run without anybody voting for it to be on top of the list? When a server is at the top, people and more people join and join. That makes the server more Popular and keeps it running. Not only that, You can also get a [V] next to your name showing you voted 6 times. If you vote on all 8 sites, just to make it better, which will result in $8,000 (Plus rewards from tokens). On Survival you can get $8,000, if you Vote on all 8 sites. You can also vote daily (every 24 hours).

Why Wouldn't YOU Vote?

Now anyone that is Donator and up, I see some people voting, but I'm not sure of the reason some don't. They MIGHT say I don't need money to buy stuff, I can just /i [item ID] and thats it, but again if your still confused why, please read paragraph 2 (or maybe start from the beginning).
I am not aiming this at ANYONE I'm just saying to vote. Even when I said this at the donators and up I don't aim this at anyone.
Not the Defaults, Members, Trusteds, Veterans, Donators and +, Elites, Mods, and Admins. Just I Beg YOU Please Go and Vote.

New People: How To VOTE!

Now, you might not no how to vote, but it's easy! Just go to: and from there click which server to vote from. Then chose one of the 8 sites, enter your name and the verification, and don't forget to have that server open! Now, you have voted! If you want a better and more detailed explanation, I have a tutorial for that at this link:
Click Here. Title: A Simple Way How To Vote! (This is for the Build Server, Survival is the same.
There is now a new, possibly an easier way to get to the link. In-game, just type /vote, click a link, and it will take you to the page relevant to your server.

Additional Stuff:

From time to time Joe may make a "Voter of the Month." This is the top three people who have voted during a specific month. Now what makes this special? Well, Joe has changed the prizes a lot and they are all great. The current rewards are:
1st Place: 30 Tokens
2nd Place: 20 Tokens
3rd Place: 10 Tokens

If you don't know what tokens are, the next section talks about it.


Tokens are another addition made by Joe for an incentive to vote. You receive tokens by voting. Tokens are received once per vote. If you receive enough you can trade it in for prizes in-game or in real life. To get to your Token page, first click Profile. Then Click "Token Shop," you may select which server you want your prize on, depending if you have the amout of tokens. More info here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=41969
Also, POTW now gets /hat if you become one.

Rewards For Voting

Important Note** The rewards below this statement is per vote.

Build: $1000, [V] (Voted on 6 sites), and 1 CityCraft Token.
Survival: $1000, pink rank. (E.g. User: [U]), and 1 CityCraft Token.
FTB: 1 CityCraft Token (50 Tokens to get Mechanic).
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