Dividing the Community

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Dividing the Community

Postby Chriccy » 02 Jun 2014, 20:35

The topic of this thread has yet again become an issue, even though we had a thread like this about six months ago. I've chosen to post it again as people seem to have forgotten:

This post is to inform you all that we do NOT tolerate people attempting to divide the community of THE server. This server is not 4 seperate servers, where people have to stay on the one they like the most.
We will be kicking people for doing this, which is a part of our 3-strike system
If this whole situation of telling people to get back to other servers does not improve and continues to happen, we will be stepping it up to a temp-ban.

I'm hoping that this post makes the point clear and that people stop being disrespectful to people who like to play the game differently.

- Chriccy and the rest of the Staff Team
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