How to apply! (And some other stuff)

How to apply! (And some other stuff)

Postby BuildBecky » 18 May 2014, 15:38

How to apply for the Holiday Corner Committee!
Applications status: OPEN
If you want to join the Holiday Corner Committee, here's how to do it!
First you need to open up a new PM, and add me (BuildBecky) and Glammy (Glamack2) to the people you're sending it to! Simple, right? Then, add the subject: '<Username> - Holiday Corner Committee Application', eg: Buildbecky - Holiday Corner Committee Application.
Then, in the body (Main part) of the message, copy and paste this template:

1 - Username:
2 - Current rank on CC Build:
3 - Hours on per day:
4 - Why you would like to be in the committee:
5 - Why should you be picked?
6 - Pictures of your builds, or warps, or link to your Build Portfolio?
7 - Anything else you would like to add?

Tips to getting accepted!
We don't expect an essay! Just some thought and time put into your application! Eg, sending a PM to me and Glammy saying 'I want to be in the holiday corner committee because cc is cool' without following the template wouldn't give you a high chance of getting into the committee compared to this example application:
"1- Buildbecky 2 - Elite 3 - I usually spend around 5 hours a day on weekends and a few hours on weekdays. 4 - I would love to join the Holiday Corner Committee because I play CityCraft a lot and I feel I could give something more to the server! I have had previous experience with having to build seasonal builds, as shown in question 6. I have seen the previous holiday corners and they look really cool and I'd love to be able to help with them. 5 - I think I should be picked as I have a lot to offer and have good building skills. I am often online when other people in the committee. 6 - My Build Portfolio with most of my builds is on the right next to my post count! 7 - I think I've covered it all! Thanks, from Becky."
This application would be more likely to be successful than the first one as it shows you have thought about what you are writing. Don't just copy this one though, make yourself stand out!

Other stuff and useful links
For a list of members, view here :
For the rules, check out here :
If you don't want to join the committee, but want to make a suggestion or two, post them here :

What being in the Holiday Corner Committee involves
If you are considering applying for the holiday corner but want to see what is involved, you've come to the right place! Being in the holiday corner committee involves a few basic things:
-Getting ideas for different Holiday Corners.
-(Obviously) Building the Holiday Corners.
-Finding out events that happen in each month.
-Helping out with anything to do with the Holiday Corner.
-Making sure they get finished on time!

Feel free to reply to this with any questions, however do not reply with your applications.
Thank you and good luck with your applications!
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