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So excited!!!!!

05 Sep 2014, 02:54

Hey guys!

I just wanted to check up on the whitelist for tekkit, as it has been about 2 weeks. I would request that it be up at most this weekend????? If not as soon as possible, but I can NOT wait for tekkit!

Super excited and ready to make me a rocket launcher


The one and only ^^^^^

Re: So excited!!!!!

05 Sep 2014, 15:44

You may apply for the Tekkit whitelist by sending a PM to Joe and following the template found here, if you haven't already.
As for the whitelist's removal, I cannot comment as I simply do not know.


Re: So excited!!!!!

05 Sep 2014, 19:24

I have done the application, and it was not accepted :roll:
Just wondering about the Tekkit public release, if not within this weeked could we maybe get a date?

Thanks for the reply crafty!

Re: So excited!!!!!

05 Sep 2014, 20:57

There is no date as of yet, when it becomes open to the public Joe will let everyone know.
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