Fusion Reactor Tutorial!

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Fusion Reactor Tutorial!

Postby General_Metrac » 09 Oct 2013, 01:57

HELLO GUYS!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED to release this :D I have just recorded my tutorial of how to #1 set up the automation of the fusion reactor, and #2 how to recieve FREE POWER, however...

One thing Not mentioned in the video is that PLEASE I am allowing free power to all players, however once you drain your lapatron crystal, PLEASE give it back so it can be recycled, if I find out someone is keeping or hording the crystals, I will find out who and until I do I will stop giving free power :o but if someone just takes all the power, what's the use of giving it to everyone????

As mentioned in the video, I used a LARGE amount of my resources in this build, gifts are nice and i will accepted them but 100% unneeded . If you guys like it, maybe sub to me ;) i will release more videos soon, and plan to do more on citycraft :) as well as probably this weekend, a singleplayer let's Learn ftb, where I teach you how to play through me building a base in my world, I'm very excited for it ^-^. You guys are welcome for free energy, and hope to see some people checking out the reactor soon :D

-Fusion king,

I've moved on as many of you have already, but if you wish to talk to me for old time's sake...

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