Basic Tree Breeding Guide*

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Basic Tree Breeding Guide*

Postby Lone_Grey_Wolf » 25 Aug 2013, 08:54

Hello and welcome to a basic and easy guide to tree breeding, with this informational video I can get you started and into the wonderful world of breeding trees in Minecraft. And if you have not yet gotten into bee breeding, then this is a good opportunity to start it up. If you are a bit lost on how to do this, check out Jamwaxd guide to bee breeding in the threads below.

As cheesy as the above paragraph sounds, I wanted it to seem like an advertisement that would get someone excited for an aspect of the Forestry mod that is fun and rewarding to do. Breeding trees provides the player with a new objective and wonderful products to work with for their hard work. The woods and trees are all wonderful to have and i would love to see whole orchards of these lovely trees.

P.S. I used a different mic this time around and it made my voice seem a bit fuzzy. I will be going back to my original mic in my next video. I want to try and do more Forestry Mod tutorials because it is an interesting mod to say the least. Here is a link to the video below.

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