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Re: CC - August 1st Updates [INFO]

Postby Chriccy » 02 Aug 2014, 09:35

It is a donator only rank
I do things occasionally
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Re: CC - August 1st Updates [INFO]

Postby worthyWaffle » 02 Aug 2014, 10:02

Well I suppose this needed to be done. I know a few people are a little bit mad about it, but what's done is done. It was a necessary thing to have updated as Joe posted. We've been going four solid years, if we can make it through all the trials of those we can prevail through this :) Maybe we won't get as many donations for a little while, but that's not all that matters. As long as we have the server we should enjoy it while it's here!

Thanks for working through the downtime to get all the problems sorted, Joe! Silly Mojang...

Love you, CC!
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Re: CC - August 1st Updates [INFO]

Postby iBallisticPandai » 03 Aug 2014, 20:11

Just in case we are low on funds...

I have already made an article, so this is just a copy and paste, soz if some things make a little less sense because of it, but I did my best to delete that stuff

It has recently come to my attention that CC is in need of sufficient funds to compensate for the hosting machine's costs. I have gotten the impression that ideas for fundraising are wanted. Well, here are my ideas...

One idea for fundraising is selling access to /pet and make it so you pay for each "pack" of pets. For example:

Nether Pet pack!!! Pets would include baby magma cube, pigman pet, and if possible, a baby ghast, as well as a blaze

Googlies pet pack: this may include creeper pet, zombie pet, skeleton pet, and a spider pet.

Farm pet pack: this would include pig, cow, chicken

Rare pet pack: possibly more expensive, inside include spider jockey, chicken jockey, witch, silverfish, and Slime

Have a enderman pet for the same price as a full pack

Another idea is make a donater statue park, where if you donate $1, a statue will be built of you in a designated area, maybe add the option like "what town would you like your statue to be in" and make a sign like "This town was made possible by these people and have individual names on the statues themselves.

This idea is the most likely to get in. And staff please note that I am fully willing to organize this myself.
Ok, so. Every time the server makes 10.00 in donations, hold this as a celebration, where the registered members of the server are all entered into a raffle where they can get EXCLUSIVE items some ideas are
1 Enderdragon pet

2a 200 levell xp boost

4 a skeleton horse pet

5 access to ride your pet (maybe say that this can go with any of the pet packs other than the rare one) - just for cc idk if u can, but see if u can not use it for a bat and enderdragon

6 access to world guard so you can make regions yourself

8 this would be for anyone who wins this raffle, get an NPC in spawn for them until a new raffle winner is picked.

Please note that these ARE meant to be extreme because we need the funds, also as the server grows, we will be able to raise the price of the raffle to even up to 30.00!!! Although this will take time.

Yet another idea is COMPLETE access to /nick, not just for a week.
I would price this around $5

Lemme know what you think!!!

-- 03 Aug 2014, 16:12 --

Forget that part about me organizing the raffle :? The article was for a much smaller server...
if u wanna meet up with me google choochoos network, i'm almost always on :)
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Re: CC - August 1st Updates [INFO]

Postby pop7up » 03 Aug 2014, 21:43

I cant use note particle D;
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Re: CC - August 1st Updates [INFO]

Postby RobTheBig » 06 Aug 2014, 02:48

Might consider jumping on for a bit to give it a shot soon :)
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