My island's disapeared?

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My island's disapeared?

Postby lufc mike » 15 Feb 2014, 09:54

Hey. I had a fairly good island with stiv and flufftail. We had all the basic stuff like farms, a mob spawner and a cool cobble generator. But I've logged onto skyblock about three times and each time I wrote /is h, I just spawned in a massive hole and died immediately. I am really confused about why this has happened. I first thought maybe one of them deleted the island but that doesn't make any sense because a) Our island was really good and steadily growing b) They haven't told me anything and c) It wasn't just theirs and if they have deleted it, I think it would be unfair since I have worked extremely hard to progress on this island. So are there any other reasons why this is happening? Thanks :)
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Re: My island's disapeared?

Postby Jake » 15 Feb 2014, 10:22

I'll come and check it out now for you. I would assume that you were either kicked from the island (as you don't have an island linked to you) or it was reset and therefore removing you from it.

I can't check the chat logs to see exactly what happened, but I can look into it a bit more.
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