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SkyBlock Rank Guide

Postby roryjasper » 23 Feb 2013, 11:53

Welcome to the SkyBlock Rank Guide!

SkyBlock currently has 2 non-staff/Frinni ranks; Islander and SkyLord.

Islander rank, is obtainable via a donation of 10 Great British Pounds (Roughly $15 US)
Islander grants the following perks:
- A blue in game name (same colour as Donator rank on Build and Tier 1 on Survival)
- TP Cooldown Bypass (Bypass the 5 minute teleport cooldown)
- A virtual chest, accessible via '/v c' (A safe double chest which cannot be looted)
- 2 Virtual Furnaces, accessible via '/v f' (A virtual furnace, take your furnace with you, everywhere)
- /feed (Restore your hunger)
- /me (Broadcast your thoughts to the server)
- Access to the Cobble, Tools and Food kits

SkyLord is obtainable via a 20 GBP donation (Around $30 US)
It has the following perks:
- Purple in game name (Same colour as POTW on Build)
- Instant Respawn (avoid the 5 minute 'ban' after dying)
- Virtual crafting table accessible via '/v w' (Never use a physical crafting table again!)
- /heal (Restore your health & hunger)
- /top (Teleports you to the top of whatever you are under)
- Custom nickname
- Access to Grass & Farm kits
- Access to all Islander perks

I hope this guide to CityCraft SkyBlock's ranks is helpful :)

- Rory

Chriccy's super secret edit:
Both of these can be bought at
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Re: SkyBlock Rank Guide

Postby GaZzWaRs » 23 Feb 2013, 16:53

Thanks Rory! I have been wondering about this for ages :)
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