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How To Complete Challenges.

19 Jul 2014, 13:21

This is a How-To on completing challenges. Not going to be very long, but at least it might be informing. So, first, type in "/is challenges" and a list of challenges will pop up. (Note: There are ranks on it too) Next, hover your mouse or whatever you have over the challenge you want to complete. It will give you a list of rewards, requirements, and whether or not its repeatable. Now, once you have chosen a challenge, start getting your recourses. It may take a while though, sometimes it may take more than a week! :o. Once you have collected your requirements for that challenge, Put all of them in your inventory. Now, again, type in "/is challenges" and click on the challenge you have the requirements you have. You will receive XP and good items you will need. :D. Please remember that I am still not a :geek: or :ugeek: yet in minecraft. I still have a long ways to go. And... I don't really know what happens when a player completes all of the challenges. It maybe gives them a HUMUNGOUS reward, :shock: or it could say that they successfully completed skyblock. I will never know until I complete all of them myself. 8-) But man, its going to be very hard :( . If you liked this tutorial and then please, leave a comment down below saying something like "It helped a lot dude! Thanks!" orrr.... "Loved it!" If you have any brighter :idea:s on making a How-to on completing challenges, leave it in the comments below. 8-)

Re: How To Complete Challenges.

19 Jul 2014, 17:54

Nice tutorial :D

Hello boo lol

Re: How To Complete Challenges.

19 Jul 2014, 21:47

This is for New people on the skyblock server! I hope this was informative! It if was, try doing a challenge or two and eventually you will get the hang of it! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D :) 8-)
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