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Rules for the CityCraft forums and servers.
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CityCraft - FTB Rules [Official]

24 Nov 2013, 22:05

FTB- Rules:

No griefing (Claimed or unclaimed land): **

No stealing from any player: **

No glitching or hacking: *

No abusing the mods to bypass protection systems*

No advertising other servers (IPs or names!): *

Be respectful of other players on the server: **

Do not question a Moderator or Admins decision**

Punishment Guide:

* - Permanent Ban
** - Temp-Ban
*** - Kick
**** - Warning

Three strike rule:

- 3 warnings before kick.

- 3 kicks before a temp-ban.

- 3 temp-bans before a Permanent ban.

* A player with a previous temp-ban for either Homophobia or Racism will be immediately perma banned on their second offence.*
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