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New to the forums? READ ME

Postby MotherTrucker » 05 Nov 2011, 20:07


Welcome to the forums!

These are the forums for the Citycraft Multiplayer Servers:

We also have a teamspeak server:

It may be daunting at first to be faced with all those posts in each subforum, but don't be put off getting involved, I hope that this can assist you in getting started!


    -Be friendly: Remember, first impressions mean a lot. Be aware that there are many others around you who are also new and a small few may try to start trouble. If you see something that you don't like, just ignore it and read something else. Anything seen as abusive or aggressive will be removed by the admins.
    -No spamming: Always try to keep posts relevant for the forum, it makes everything a lot neater and creates a nicer ethos for the forum. The forum is not a place for you to bring anger from the game, just think carefully before posting something. Also, with the posts requirement for trusted, make that your posts contribute something. If you spam the forums, your posts will be deleted, and persistent spamming here will result in bans both on the forums and in game.
    -Follow sub-forum guidelines: Some parts of the forum have specific guidelines that are important for you to follow. For example, if you want to report a user for griefing you, don't go and post a long account of events for the day, as the moderators have to get through a lot of them. There is a template, and using it will allow moderators to get to the point and take action.
    -Be polite: Respect the decisions that admins make and the work that they put in, some problems can take longer to resolve than others, and getting agitated won't speed it up.
    -Read things carefully: Before you want to say/ask something, make sure it hasn't already been said. When you reply to a topic, ensure that you fully read it's content so that your reply makes sense.
    -Take Action! It is inevitable that you will come across some forum rule breaking at some point. If you feel that there is a serious violation of the forum rules, use the report button (looks like an exclamation mark in a triangle), and a mod will be alerted to it to investigate.

If we can all follow these rules, the experience on the forums will be much more enjoyable for all users, old and new.

    News: This is the place for the latest Citycraft news from the admins. Most topics here explain an update or future ideas, but there is some discussion that you may be interested in.
    General Chat: The most active sub-forum, here you'll find a topic on pretty much anything relating to the servers. When you start, you may want to introduce yourself on the GREETINGS THREAD and meet other new faces.
    Suggestions: The forum for suggesting new ideas for the server and forums. The important thing to remember when posting here is to be realistic. We'd all love a loud siren to play whenever the Ban Hammer comes down, but it's just not practical or necessary.
    Questions: If you're stuck with something, or fancy helping someone else, this is where to go. Before posting, you may want to skim through the answered questions to see if you can find an answer to your question.
    Citycraft Plays!: A forum where custom map games were arranged, it's not currently being used apart from people misplacing their posts. You may want to ignore it, but if it is used again you may be interested in participating.
    Report Users: If you have caught someone breaking the rules through griefing or cheating and can prove it, use the TEMPLATE to present your case against them.
    Ban Disputes: If you have been banned from one of the servers and feel that a mistake has been made or your punishment was too severe, then this is where to dispute it. Also, there is a section of it called Ban Track, where there should be a thread explaining your ban. There's generally 2 rules that are important here; use the TEMPLATE and be patient.

    Build Information: Information on the ranks, commands and tutorials for the Build Server
    Build Chat: Discussion on the events in Build, information on completed structures.
    Build Projects: The place to go to find out about or to announce new ideas for a Build
    Promotions: A defunct forum, replaced by automated promotions, found HERE
    Rate My Build: Have you just built the most awesomest thing ever? Don't keep it to yourself, share it here and get feedback!
    Player of the Week: An unused forum, who's previous purpose was for the Player of the Week competition.

    Survival Information: All you need to know on Tiers, mcMMO and faction commands.
    Survival Chat: Discussion on the Survival server and faction info
    *TheCreed: Forum for the DarkCreed faction
    *StriFi: Forum for the StriFi faction
    *XENON: Forum for the XENON faction
    *Edge: Forum for the Edge faction
    *iTechville: Forum for the iTechville faction

*These are factions which have earned their own forum through Tier 3. For more info on this, view the board at spawn

Bold: Makes text bold
Italics: Makes text italics
Underline: Underlines text
Quote: Quotes another user

Code: Select all
Code: Allows the sharing of a detailed code

    List: Used for creating a list of points

[*]Bulletpoints: Used for listing items
Img: Used to share images directly on the forum
URL Share links with other users
FontSize Change the size of font
Font Colour Change the colour of font


As you use the forums more often, you will notice your "Miner" rank will increase. This is an easy way to recognise the more active and often helpful members of the forums. The ranking is as follows:

Dirt Miner- 5 posts
Stone Miner- 10 posts
Coal Miner- 20 posts
Iron Miner- 35 posts
Redstone Miner- 55 posts
Gold Miner- 80 posts
Lapis Lazuli Miner- 110 posts
Diamond Miner- 150 posts
Bedrock Miner- 250 posts
GOD LIKE- 1000 posts

(Post count calculated from member list on forums, found HERE)

I hope that reading this has helped you with understanding the functions of the forums. If you have any more questions, ask in chat, on the Questions forum, or consult one of the following links,

Useful Topics:

[*]Survival Starter Guide
[*]Build Commands
[*]Upgrading Build Rank
[*]Becoming Build Moderator
[*]Voting for the servers
[*]Help with voting
[*]Build Server Rules
[*]Donate Survival
[*]Donate Build

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Re: New to the forums? READ ME

Postby Windy » 05 Nov 2011, 23:25

I know mods are able, but not sure if they are allowed to... but this deserves to be a global announcement.
This is exactly the kind of thing I've started working on, but you beat me to it!

I'm going to lock this thread so there are no spam posts added to it, and PM a link to Joe and a couple of admins. If a mod or above wishes to unlock it, fine. Like I say, the only reason this is locked, is to keep it in its awesome state.

Thank you so much for this!
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Re: New to the forums? READ ME

Postby MattClack37 » 06 Nov 2011, 07:01

Really great guide! Keep up the good work!
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