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Official CC guide to posting on the forums!

Postby XxGurleenxX » 29 Jan 2014, 23:39

Want to learn on how to post on the CC Forums? Follow this Guide to find out more!

Need a quick link?

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How to navigate the forums: (Basic)
When you head to the forums you'll see the main page:

As you can see there are many forum sections:

General CityCraft Section:
-General Chat
-Introduce Yourself
-Forum Games
-Report Users
-Ban Disputes

Build Section:
-Build Information
-Build Tutorials
-Build Chat
-Build Projects
-Build Portfolio
-Rate My Build
-Build Committees

Survival Section:
-Survival Information
-Survival Tutorials
-Survival Chat
-Survival Marketplace
-Faction Forums

SkyBlock Section:
-Skyblock Information
-SkyBlock Tutorials
-SkyBlock Chat
-Rate My Island

FTB Section:
-FTB Information
-FTB Tutorials
-FTB Chat

How to Post: (In General)

When you click on one of the top sections you'll notice this button at the top left hand side: Image
When you click this button it will take you to this screen in which you can create your TOPIC

If you wish to reply to another players post you must first find a post which can be located in the forum sub-sections like: (general chat etc...)

Once you click a forum topic in that sub-section you can see that at the top of the post you'll see this button: Image
Then it will take you to the page where you can reply to the topic which looks like this:

Once you have typed out what you would like to say just click "Submit" And it will be done!

How to avoid spam posts:

One thing you have to remember is that when you're posting to not spam posts which in the end will be deleted/removed and you will be warned! If you continue to spam post you will be banned from the forums in which case you will not be able to post anymore!

If you need more information on how to avoid spam posting here is a link to Geeky's guide which can help you when creating posts:

Post Count: (Which count and which don't)

Not all forum sub-sections will count toward your overall post count here are some of the forums sub-section which do not count:

-Rate My Build
-Introduce Yourself
-Forum Games
-Survival Marketplace

If you follow all of these steps you'll be Trusted/Veteran in no time! But Remember Forums aren't only for posting they can also contain information about the Server and what's going on in CityCraft right now! You can also ask for help from Admins/Mods even the Community!

*Mods/Admins if I missed anything please edit this post!*
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