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Minecraft Beginners Guide!

Postby Kieran » 21 Mar 2012, 22:45

New to playing Minecraft online? Never done it before? No problem, we're here to help you out.

When you click on multiplayer (as of Minecraft beta 1.7) youre asked to fill in an IP address. Thats where the game leaves you. It doesnt tell you how to find them, what it is, why you need it, or what it looks like.


An IP address is like a mailing address on the net. It tells your computer where to look to connect to a website, or a network, or in this case a Minecraft server. A Minecraft server can be computer dedicated to running a Minecraft world, or it can be run in the background on somebodys personal computer.

Someone out there has a multiplayer world open and connected to the internet. When you enter in the IP address of that gameworld youll connect and be able to start playing alongside other players. As long as the server is running and connected to the internet youll be able to play in this world. Most people aim to get 100% uptime for their servers.


Once youre online youll come across a new command. Press T to open a chat window. This allows you to talk to other players in the world. Type whatever you want and then press enter.

Some servers use a 3rd party service like Teamspeak or Skype to allow voice chat. Just ask in game or look on that servers particular website to this information.


Some servers have something setup called a permission list. Its a list of people who are allowed to build and those who arent. Usually its as simple as asking the administrators or moderators to give you the ability to build in a modreq. Some servers will promote you automatically, some will ask you a few questions first, and some will ask you to register on their website. Its nothing personal, its all about grief protection.


Griefers are people who have fun by ruining the fun of others. Usually griefing refers specifically to the destroying of other peoples work, which is different from stealing and killing. Each server will have different rules on each of them, so pay close attention or youll get banned.


Most servers will have a series of signs put up around spawn explaining to you the basic rules of the server. If you dont like the rules I suggest you dont play. Find a server that suits your play style better. If you want to grief go find an anarchy server, if you want to steal find a server that allows it.


Commands have a / in front of them, and are typed into the chat window. On most servers you can type /help and youll get a page of commands. /help 2 will show the second page, /help 3 the third page, and so on. Commands can warp you to far away places, or buy something from a shop. Get to know them.


There are plugins exclusive to Multiplayer play. There are plugins which contain minigames, plugins which prevent griefing, economy plugins, plugins to allow airships to be built and flown, amongst others. This list is constantly updating so Im not going to get into it here in the beginners section, but be aware that each server will have different plugins which can dramatically change the gameplay.


Mods (Moderators) are in charge of enforcing the rules of the server. Admins (administrators) are in charge of enforcing the Mods and the rules of the server. PvP (player vs player) is combat amongst players. Its allowed on some servers, isnt allowed on others, and still others have it restricted to certain zones or areas. Spawn is the default spawn point for all regular players. Warping can be done via commands to various warp points (depending on which plugins are being run). Vanilla refers to a server with no plugins on it.
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