How To Use The Marketplace Plugin

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How To Use The Marketplace Plugin

Postby sleawnis » 05 Jun 2013, 17:16

What This Is:
GlobalMarket is a global market system. It allows players to buy and sell items via a convenient in-game interface. It's similar WoW's Auction House or Runescape's Grand Exchange.

The Interface
This is a display of all current listings, you click an item to buy it. You can shift+click to remove a listing if you own it. Listings automatically expire after 1 week . You can use /market listings to access it.

When you purchase an item it will be sent to your mailbox. Mailboxes can be opend with the /market mail command. Click an item to retrieve it. You currently can't store stuff in your mailbox.

Further features like /market send (send items to other peoples mailbox's), and creating physical chests/signs (/market mailbox)for the mailboxes are yet to be implemented into the server, however may at a later date.

Thanks For Reading, And Ill Hapely Answer Any Questions You May Have (:
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