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Guide To COTF

Postby Mazza2372 » 29 Apr 2013, 19:54

Hello guys. Mazza here, with his guide to the COTF. This is mainly stuff that I didn't do, because I wasn't the best player :P, but these tips should help you to get through the dungeon. Best of luck!

Room 1
There are two methods on this room. 1. Run very fast and try and avoid the skellys. 2. Cautiously, and kill anything nearby. I did the first one, but got knocked off a couple. One thing is for sure: Fire Resis is key. Bring lots!

Room 2
This is the finding if the button. Joe, the creator (I think) of the dungeon say not to spam. I find if you are wearing pro iv and have a good sword, not enough spawn to kill your team. But kill everything before you leave, so then you have no lag!

Room 3
This is the ice parkour room. With this I reccommend taking your time and just try and get through it. There are no special tips, except dont rush.

Room 4
Ahh, the tombs. As joe says, stick together. A bane of athropods v sword is great on the second, but doesn't help on the first or third. PRO TIP: Don't be smart. Stay in the tomb. In the skelly room, don't go where the skellys are. Just don't.

Room 5
Keep on the move and just try and make your way through. More fire resist is needed, so have some in a virtual brewing stand or chest.

Room 6 - Boss Room
This is by far the hardest room. It took us at least 30 minutes. I recommend having a smite and a bane of athropods god sword, so you can easily kill the silverfish and skeletons. If you get hit and get knocked up for the tiniest amount of time, the timer resets. Have 2 people on each pad, one covering back and front, for maximum effectiveness. Having people run around slaying is also helpful, but risky. Every potion helps, even fire resist, due to being able to set fire from slight mobs. Best of luck.

General Tips
Potions are a necessity. Have some in a virtual chest.
One set of pro iv will break. I recommend just before it breaks swap to another new one.
Smite V and Bane of Athropods V does more damage to certain mobs than Sharpness V. Bring one of each for maximum effectiveness.
Being lots of food. Bring even more in case your team needs any.

I hope you all good luck if you try and tackle this dungeon. I hope this guide helps you.
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