Guide to tier 5 perks and rewards

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Guide to tier 5 perks and rewards

Postby Chriccy » 18 Apr 2013, 04:09

So you're considering to donate for tier 5, or have already donated for the rank, but you're not sure what the things you've gained do.
Here's a guide to how all the new things work:

Name and money reward
You of course get the yellow and italic name, and the 500.000 ingame dollar. The italic name is now an optional feature, and Tier5 may make a modreq if they wish for the "upgrade". I don't think any extra information about that is required.

Home Perk x15
Most of you probably already have homes, and this perk rewards you with more of them.

This information is for the people who either don't know what it is, or are unsure exactly what it does:
A home is a point in the world that you can set, which will allow you to teleport back to that exact location at another time.

You get three commands with this perk:
/sethome <name>
Set a new home, or overwrites an old one. This is the location you will be teleport to when you do "/home".
The name can help you keep track of where the home goes.

/delhome <name>
Deletes the home with that name. You will not be able to teleport back to this home. The choice of deleting a home is not revertible.

/home <name>
Teleports you to the home with that name. The teleport requires 5 seconds of standing still and being out of combat, and has no cooldown at this tier.

2 Virtual Chests
This perk gives you two doublechests, that you can access at any location while being out of combat.
The items in this chest will only be accessable by you, and will not be dropped on death.
You can access them via a few commands:
/Virtual chest - /v c - /chest and then either 1 or 2 at the end.
You will get 3 virtual chests if you currently have 2

Faction Chest
It's exactly like the Virtual Chests, but are accessable by everyone in your faction.
It can be toggled to be accessable by either all faction members or only moderators of the faction and over. To create a faction chest, it will immediately take $50 000 from your disposable income and send it to the server.

Coloured Sign Text
Allows you to make coloured signs using colour codes.
The colors are chosen by making a & and putting a number between 1 and 9 or a letter between a and f after it. Example: &1 makes the text after it Dark Blue

You can see all the possible colours ingame by typing this command:
/ping &11 &22 &33 &44 &55 &66 &77 &88 &99 &aa &bb &cc &dd &ee &ff
Does not work with the new ping command Now works again :)

/me makes your text stand out in chat.
It shows your name and then your message in purple.
It's not supposed to be used for talking normally to other people.
It's a good way of expression emotions, like typing "/me waves to everyone in chat and you'll get something like this:

Puts the block you're holding into your head slot, where any armour helmet would usually go.
It will show the item on your character model if it is possible (some items simply don't fit onto the model)
Tools and non-placable items can not be used.

You can either do /ptime night or /ptime day and it will make that you personal time of the day.
It will not affect mob spawns and crop growth. link to the topic:
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