Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival UPDATED [1/02/14]

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Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival UPDATED [1/02/14]

Postby Fred » 25 Feb 2013, 09:21

Well hello there, this guide is a massive wall of text which will hopefully tell you all you need to know about survival. Enjoy!

Getting to Wilderness

Unlike previous maps to reduce lag the warzones have been moved to small 'outposts' as opposed to the main spawn area, there are three outposts, forest, mesa and ice. There are teleport buttons at the bottom of spawn or you can use /warp outposts to warp directly to them. These outposts are like mini-spawns on the old map. Each have an enchanting area and various exits to the wilderness. Once you drop out of an outposts run because anyone no matter ally truce neutral or enemy can kill you there!

For Factions and Faction Help

Faction commands:

Obviously the very first command you will need is /f Create. This command allows you to create your very own faction using a tag/name of your choice for example. /f create BBQsauce would create a faction named BBQsauce. Faction names cannot contain any fullstops, underscores, spaces or any other punctuation marks and obviously cannot be anything racist/offensive

/f desc- This command allows you to set a faction description that will be displayed every time someone walks into your land or views your /f who. This description can only be set by tier 3 and over.

/f sethome Probably one of the more important faction commands, when used on land that is owned by your faction it sets a faction wide home. You can return to that point using /f home (once every 5 minutes for tier 1 and default). Bear in mind if that chunk is claimed during a raid you can no longer teleport to that position and you will respawn at spawn.

/f f- This helpful command allows you to view the members power land and maxpower of your faction and other factions. It is displayed like this:


As you can see it shows Land/Power/Maxpower for the faction killers. Land is the amount of chunks that you have gone /f claim over. Power is the amount of power that people in your faction currently have and maxpower is the amount of power that you will have if everyone's power reads 10/10 (or 15/15 if you are a tier 4)

/f promote Promotes a member to the next rank, ie recruit to member member to officer (Note: member to officer can only be done by the faction leader)

/f officer-This command allows you to entrust players with faction moderator. Meaning they can invite new players change the description set the faction home and claim land.

/f kick- This allows you to kick a specified player from your faction. Take care when doing this however as kicking them then killing them is against the rules. If possible try to get them to go to spawn before kicking them to avoid that issue altogether.

/f claim- This faction command allows you to claim one chunk (16x16) block area for your faction. The way this works is when you first join the server you have a default of 10 power. If you are killed your power will drop. However if you use your first 10 minutes of god mode to run into the wilderness and create your faction you will have 10 power. Every one power is worth one claim of land. However be careful when claiming because raiding factions can kill you to lower your power, then your land can be claimed.

On the opposite side of the coin if you are raiding someone kill them enough until their power is lower than their land (this can be viewed using the /f who command) once their power drops below their land go ahead and start using that /f claim to claim their land. Once you have claimed their land you can go ahead and destroy blocks. NOTE: No matter if your land is claimed or not any factions can now interact with things in your land this includes levers, buttons, pressure plates, wooden doors and of course chests!

[b]/f unclaim
- Simply unclaims the chunk of land you are standing on (as long as it is your own)

/f unclaimall- Unclaims ALL of your factions land, including the land that your /f home is on. Take great care when using this and make sure that you only use it when it is really necessary.

/f invite and /f join- /f invite allows faction moderators to invite another player to the faction. Any moderators can do this so take care with who you entrust /f mod to. /f join (factionname) allows players to join your faction once they have been sent an invitation.

/f map- This command brings up a little map on your HUD there is a picture of it below


The blue cross represents where you are currently standing. The red compass point shows the direction your are currently facing (all other compass points are yellow). One dash represents one 16x16 chunk. The various symbols represent the different factions. The colours are white for neutral, purple for allies, red for enemies, gold for safezones/peaceful factions and dark red for warzones.

/f autoclaim- claims whatever chunk you are standing on and then automatically claims land when you walk onto it, good if you want to claim land fast.

/f title Allows you to set a faction title for a selected player, for example, /f title fredmb Test would title the player Test Fredmb. This can only be done by faction moderators and the faction admin, moderators cannot change each others titles.

/f access This can only be done by the faction admin, it makes it so only the selected player or faction can break blocks on that chunk. For example /f access p fredmb yes/no would allow that player to either break or not break blocks on that specific claim for allowing or disallowing factions use the same command but substitute the p for f and the player name for faction name. /f access view displays those who can currently edit the chunk you are standing on. This command is heplful to protect individual homes.

/f ally/truce/neutral/enemy- This command allows you to send ally/neutral requests and to become enemies. If you are allied to a faction you cannot hurt them. By allying a faction you are saying (generally) that you will help them out ect. Truce is the same as an /f ally but can be seen as a mutual agreement not to attack each other as opposed to an alliance. Neutral is neither an aggressive or friendly stance if you are neutral you cannot attack players in their own land. If you enemy someone it means that you can hurt them in their own land, to enemy a faction you do not need to send a request. (Note: All players no matter if truce ally neutral of enemy can harm each other in the warzone)

/f f/a/t/p- This command allows you to talk in the various chat 'channels' in this plugin, /f f allows you to talk to only your faction members (remember f for faction) your faction titles are visible in this chat log and the chat is coloured green. Ally chat is visible to allies and faction members, i the command is /f c a (truce chat is the same substituting /f a for f t, allies can see truce chat. /f p is the command for the public chat. This can be seen by everyone. It is a good idea to mainly talk in faction chat. Remembering that admins can see faction and ally chat.

/f p This command allows you to view your power and the power of other people by inserting a name. For example /f power views your own power and /f power Jones would view the power of a player named Jones. Your power can range between 10 and -10.

Tier 4 Tier 4's have a special perk that allows them to have a 5 power boost, meaning that a tier 4 will have a maxpower of 15, giving factions with tier 4 members a serious advantage.

/f disband Essentially deletes the faction, unclaims all land and kicks all people.

And finally /f leader- This passes on the leadership of the faction onto the specified player. For if you felt the urge to leave the faction and didnt feel like disbanding it.

How to maintain a faction:

1. Once it has been established make sure that your faction perimeter is secure and that no one can legitimately get into your main faction area, a double block barrier will prevent glitchers. A nice high wall will work most of the time, but make sure that there is at least claimed 10 blocks around your wall to stop people from stacking blocks and sprint jumping over your walls.

2. An air/underwater base is your best friend- These kind of bases negate the need for walls as they are almost impossible to get into, assuming that the area around it is claimed.

3. If possible get a faction forum- This allows for you to make your faction more well-known and also have a recruiting template so that you get a better idea of who your members are. This also allows for you to give messages to those in your faction via the private chat forum.

4. Establish a small group of trusted individuals in your faction and make them your only moderators- Basically dont be one of those factions that invites new players then /f mods them. This can result in a failed faction, they could invite randoms to come and raid you and basically just stuff everything up, only moderate those who you really trust.

5. Get some allies!- This is probably one of the most important tips, if your in a bit of a stick another faction with a bunch of members can be a huge life-saver. Whether you are being raided, raiding or just looking for someone to help you in pvp, allies are a huge help and you will not regret getting some.

5. Keep your chests well supplied and keep a look out for items mysteriously disappearing- A faction without items for public use is never a good thing remember you are all working towards the same goal and sharing is caring! However if you feel that too many items are disappearing in a small amount of time get a moderator to logblock the chest to see if someone is stealing.

6. Make sure you have people designated for mining, farming, building and raiding. Un-organised factions always have a harder time getting items than those factions who know exactly what is expected of each person. Everyone can fill every role but make sure that you have people who fit under each category.

7. Ensure that no one builds so that it allows easy entry into the main faction area- Pretty self-explanatory, make sure that no one makes huge holes in your base or nice little water falls that could be used as a water ladder in a raid.

8. Buy or find a mob spawner- This will be very important to maintain a powerful faction. If no one in your faction is able to make a proper grinder, there are plenty of people who would be willing to sell/make you one. This is essential as it will give you the opportunity to get enchanted stuff to make you more powerful in pvp.

9. Get an animal farm going- This gives your faction a constant reliable source of food without having to go out into the wild and find animals. This food can also be used to sell to make money.

10. Ensure that all chests have a block over the top of them- In a raid this prevents raiders from opening your chests when someone is online.

In's and out's of a base.


Under water in sky area, fully enclosed not just high walls. If you must create a ground base make sure it is fully enclosed.

One way of getting in or out. Have the /f home set inside and the only way out being an iron door that is only being able to be opened with a button on the inside. Wood doors on the out side, huge no.

A glass lookout or something similar that gives you a good look of the base or land around.

Supply room, with general resources and armour etc. Just incase one of your members gets caught out minus their gear. You have the stuff to re-supply them.
Faction Farm- Needed to keep your faction on its feet health wise and making sure they all have enough to sustain them in addition to whatever personal farms they may have.

Faction brewing area/pot storage: Important so that every member has access to some kind of pot. Even if it is the most basic ones they still can be a lot of help and increase your whole factions effectiveness. Keep these chests supplied and designate someone to do the brewing for you

A safe box, preferably the /f home. What if you find yourself somehow being raided? Your members will need a place to retreat to, somewhere safe. A great example would be setting the /f home in a bunker in the middle of the base that is only able to be accessed by the inside. With all your members on the inside it would make sure they are all safe.

Claiming land around the base as well as the inside. To stop people from stacking blocks too close to your base and jumping on.

Tiered layouts: Having tiered sections going outwards for your base like a layered circle are a great idea. It might start with your safe box, then another ring of maybe member rooms that have doors only operable from the middle of the circle and then brewing and farms etc on the outer ring.

Any type of holes. Obviously holes mean entrance, entrance means raid, raid means bad.

Water falls going down: These although they look nice an be used as a water ladder by enemies

Wooden doors, huge no no, these can be opened by anyone as long as people from your faction are online. Best way is iron doors only able to be opened from the inside

Low walls or no roof. Low walls mean that raiders can stack blocks and jump over the walls. Or no roof meaning they can jump straight in.

Mines underneath the base that runs outside of the protection. If a raided by pure luck digs down and finds these tunnels they can follow these back into the heart of your base.

Recruiting and what to look out for

Now your faction is all built up and you have followed the in's and out's and you are now looking for members. You dont want to just recruit anyway it is always good to look out for certain things.

If you have a faction forum make sure you make your application as detailed as possible to give the best idea of them.
However if you dont make sure before you invite them to type their name into the search bar on the forums. Check for any bans or things like that. Make sure they are someone who would serve you well

Another good idea just to make sure the people you recruit is trust worthy is to have a new member area in your base that is /f ownered to you and has no exit, but has member rooms and chests etc. just so that they can prove their worth, and if they are not trust worthy they will not destroy or take anything major.

Guides For Players

Brewing, gathering ingredients
As most people know how to brew following wiki's etc. and it is pretty straight forward so this will only be short explanations of certain potions and uses for them:

There are many ingredients for potions and all potions help you pretty much equally. Not many potions are better or worse than the other, some give you buffs and others debuff the opponent.


Fire Resistance: Although most potions are equal in usefulness this one outstrips most. As the name suggests it takes away all fire damage, removing one of the major uses of your opponents weapons. Some players might go into a match with a lower sharpness sword relying mainly on their fire aspect to do damage over time. However the fire does still come up on your screen.

Regeneration: A very useful, if however, slightly expensive potion. It increases your health's regeneration rate even when your food bar is not full enough to regen. However do not depend on these potions alone, always keep your food bar up as these potions only last a maximum of 2 minutes. Once that is gone and you may never notice it is gone you will start really taking hits. The splash potion, makes it much quicker to apply the affects takes away 30 seconds of regen as a handicap.

Instant Health: Like the old food system it increases your heath instantly giving you a quick boost if your health is low. Very effective when combined with regeneration.

Strength: Gives you extra health damage per hit. Very useful when combined with a high sharpness enchant. Only does extra damage on the initial hit, does not apply to the damage over time fire aspect ect.

Swiftness: Makes you run faster, helpful when chasing down runners or escaping from pvp (if you feel the need to)

Nightvision: Allows you to see in the dark as if it was day time. Useful for those pvp fights that go into night time, for better visibility, you might not think that it does that much but it does give an advantage.

Invisibility: A useful recon tool, should not be used for primary pvp as you cannot wear armour and even though you do disappear there are ways to spot you. Useful when raiding to hide the name tag without sneaking.


Instant Damage: The reverse of instant health, applies a quick few hearts of damage to an opponent, useful when combined with poison.

Poison: Applies a damage over time, can be used with or as an alternative to fire aspect.

Weakness: The mirror of strength, decreases the amount of damage each hit does. Useful when you have drunk a strength to increase your damage, so you do more they do less.

Slowness: Makes the enemy walk slower, taking away their mobility gives an additional boost to you, drink a speed so you can dart around while they drag along.

Note: Make these potions all splash or they will de-buff you :P

Extended or II?
As you all know you can make potions extended use or the second tier of potion for some. It is good to have a mixture, when going into pvp have a few of each. Regeneration II gets you out of trouble fast but doesnt last where as the 2:00 extended gives you longer term protection. Each person may have their own preferred type but it is best to have a mixture.

Gathering Ingredients

When tying to brew some of these potions you may find that some of these ingredients are a little hard to get.

Ghast Tears: Best way to get these is to spend the voting tokens on getting 16, not only helps you but it helps the server.
Magma Cream: This is a harder one as you cant get these with voting. However you can find slimes in swamps and turn these into magma cream.
Fermented Spider eyes: Another tough one to get, set up a mushroom farm and a sugar cane farm. People will have thousands of spider eyes that they can give you cheap, likewise for blaze rods.
Golden Carrots: Getting the carrots is easy enough just grow them, go farming pigmen in the nether or go mining for gold ingots to turn into nuggets.
Gunpowder: Rather than farming the creepers it might be easier to get this ingredient via vote tokens.
Glowstone Dust: Make a portal to the nether, and dig it from the roof, plenty of it, just a pain to get up to.


There may come a time when you need extra space to store your items or maybe you suspect someone of stealing. What ever the case vaults are your friend. They are a secret claimed location that contains all of your items that cannot fit into your /v c.

The best kinds of vaults are ones that are compact, ideally one or two claims.

Things a vault should contain
Storage level-Containing many chests to store your items, it is best to sort them with signs so that you know where everything is
Brewing level- Your trusty old witches hut. The place you store and brew potions and ingredients.
Enchanting level- Just a place to enchant privately without having to go to spawn
Farm- Place to grow all your crops and storage for them

Extra added things
Mob Grinder- Some people who create grinders also offer to build vaults around them so these might not be hard to come by
Nether Portal- I wouldnt overall suggest this as it gives a free route into your vault.


It is important that every wall of your vault is claimed and ideally two blocks thick to prevent glitchers. That there are no holes and no doorways into it. Remember your vault is that, just vault, not a nice house with decorated wooden front doors that can be opened easily if your vault is found. Also place blocks on top of all your chests to prevent them being opened.

Spawners and Tradesigns

As you all hopefully know you can no longer buy things from the spawn shop. Instead member and higher can use tradesigns to sell their gear. This opens up a whole new window for those who dont really like to pvp but love to gather items. You can open up a shop and sell your armour and potions etc. for good money. However if you want to sell enchanted gear at any kind of speed a monster spawner is needed.

A monster spawner or grinder is made using naturally occurring monster spawners, these spawn unlimited amounts of mobs, therefore unlimited xp levels. A standard single mob spawn will have you there for about 25 minutes and a standard single blaze will take about 11 minutes per each level 30 enchant. However spawners can spawn close enough together to spawn at the same time. Therefore a double of any hostile mob will take about 13 minutes and a double blaze taking only 6. Abandoned mine shafts are home to many cave spider spawners and can be used to make double, triple or even quad spawners. A quad normal hostile works about as fast as a double blaze, so it is in your interest to get yourself a double blaze. They do not come cheap however.


Similar to the previous safetrades plugin market allows players to list items for sale to the whole server, a public market place if you would, the command to view the market is /market listings, you can refine the search by searching by player or buy item, for example /market listings fredmb will show all items listed by that player, or /market listings dirt will show all items currently listed with that keyword. Unlike safetrades or the infinite shop at spawn the items will not immediately appear in your inventory, rather they will go into another virtual 'mailbox' the size of a virtual double chest to retrieve these items type /market mail and it will show all items you have bought that you can collect, these will then be placed in your inventory.

To list an item type the command /f create [Price] [Number of items (If applicable)]. If your item is sold the money will not be automatically transferred to your current balance, rather transaction log will appear in your /market mail click these into your inventory to claim your money. So you know when to check an automatic message has been added when you log in to inform you if your market mail has new items in it, be on the lookout for this if you have listed something recently. Take note items that arent sold within a certain period will automatically be taken down and placed into your market mail. Also the market will take a 5% cut of the total profit made.

And lastly PvP

Most of you know the term, pvp refers to any player verses player combat that goes on ingame. As this is a survival pvp server it is important that you understand and are prepared for pvp. As there are many pvp tutorials here I wont rehash what they have already stated, but here is a link to giga's pvp guide which will give you a good idea.

However preparation for pvp is crucial, how many people are you going up against? Are there any allies in the warzone? Could some members tp help in? All these things must be considered and with the new coloured name tags it is quite easy to see who is an ally. If you see the enemy in the warzone by all means go out and attack them. Bring friends and allies so they can help you. I know this has been said before but never get too afraid by loosing your items. You might think that they are in-severable from you, but all items can be re-obtained, and once you get a spawner up and running, they can be obtained quite easily.


Once you have decided to pvp a bit of prep is a good idea. Make sure you have enough food (steak and cooked pork are the best) and you have potions in your inventory. It would be a very good idea to repair your armour, even if the green bar has just shown up, if you lose an armour piece you are in deep trouble so every bit helps. Gather your allies and make sure they have appropriate gear (preferable diamond as any other no matter what enchant level wont match up). If people in your group have low level armour make sure they stay towards the back as they will be killed quite quickly. Use your potions to great effect and make sure you have an escape route planned, just incase you have bitten off more than you should chew.

I hope this guide helps everyone, look a damn long time to write :P Follow these guidelines and you will find yourself pvp and server ready in no time.

Important Links
Stuff that had been covered by others/i didnt have the space to include

Giga's PvP Guide:
Supers guide to money:
The trade signs guide:
The new token rewards
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Re: Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival

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You added my money guide :D :D :D

AMAZING job fred! mustve taken forever
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Re: Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival

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This is one nice tutorial fred and its very long lol
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Re: Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival

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Oh my goodness this is soooooo long! Its great though! :P
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Re: Fred's Ultimate Guide to Survival

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dude this is awesome I could never make something like this keep up the work :D
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