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Complete VirtualPack Guide

Postby sleawnis » 07 Jan 2013, 14:42

Hey, This is a in-depth tutorial for the new replacement for alpha chest, virtual pack. As you'll find its got more features that you would think (: lets start basic:


/v stats

This shows you howmany of each Virtual Item you can have, more infomation about the Items is below

/v c (#)

This command opens up your virtual chest and allows you to store items on the go. Its very usefull for pvp as you dont loose it when you die! Please note the max chests you can have is 2 and only if you was your tier before the plugin was updated do you get multiple chests.

/v f (#)

This command opens up a virtual furnace, much like the chest it stores items that dont drop when you die. Theres a usefull feature that links your chest and furnace together but that will be explaned later (:

/v b (#)

This command, You Guessed it. Opens up a virtual brewing stand! Here is a very unlikely event in witch you will need it: *running in the 100m race for deh gold medel of awesomeness* Jim: "All i have is a water vile, and sum suger what do u do?" *Jim does /v b and brews himself som speed potions and wins the race* Now all the girls love jim :) (slightly off topic)

/v w (more commonly known as /craft)

Lets you open up your virtual crafting table and craft virtual items for this lovely virtual server in this virtual game :)

Now the less used commands but still important :

/v c drop (#)

This lets you drop the content of your specefied Virtual Chest.

/v c trash (#)

This lets you delete the content in your specified Virtual Chest.

/v f l (Furnace#) (Chest#)

This command is great, here's a money making tip: You can link your chest with your furnace so it slowly smelts the content of your chest, this means you can make money from smelting cobble into stone bricks and selling at spawn :D.

/v f u (Furnace#)

This removes the link from your furnace and chests.
Finally, some things that are unavailable at the moment but i am going to include them in case they get added in the future :)

/v uc

Lets you un-craft items, be it stone bricks or enchanted diamond chest places, this feature is currently unavailable but i have submitted a suggestion for it to be made available.

/v e

This is self explanatory, it lets you open up a enchantment table :)

T4 Stats:
Workbench: Yes
Un-Crafter: Yes (but no perms to use)
Enchantment Table: Yes (but no perms to use)
Chests: 2
Furnaces: 2/1 (hmm) Free Links: 1
Brewing Stands: 5/5 Free Links: 0

Please note: If you had tier 4 before the change to Virtual Pack you only have 1 Virtual Chest :) sorry not my fault >.>

Hope this guild helps with the new plugin sorry its abit late XD but hopefully you have learnt something new? :) If you need any further help feel free to ask me in-game (Bread) or via Pm or comment :).
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Re: Complete VirtualPack Guide

Postby Mxssiah » 07 Jan 2013, 21:25

Nice guide, maybe mention a guide of linking brewing stands? ;)

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Re: Complete VirtualPack Guide

Postby serthhi » 08 Jan 2013, 14:04

at the very bottom you put guild instead of guide lol
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Re: Complete VirtualPack Guide

Postby Cygnus44 » 18 Jan 2013, 18:13

Nice Tutorial, it'll help the newly donated people who don't know nwhich about their commands
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