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Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 05:23

This is my first tutorial for survival.
It about potions(kind of obvious I guess).
What is essential: A cauldron (7 iron like upside down pants :) ) A brewing stand (1 blaze rod in the middle 3 cobble underneath)
Glass Bottles(glass in the same way as buckets) and water(a infinite water source). AND THE MOST IMPORTANT WHICH YOU CANNOT BREW MOST POTIONS WITHOUT IS NETHER WART, which is easily found in nether fortress or bought cheap in the shop.

Step one: place the cauldron preferably near the brewing stand along with a infinite water source with chests.
Then but water inside the cauldron with a bucket, then right click the bottles on the cauldron to get water bottles and you can refill the cauldron and repeat but ftm you just need 3 water bottles(3 per filled cauldron).
Step 2: Find which potion you want!
there is fire resistance ,Water breathing ,strength ,weakness ,regeneration, poison ,instant heal ,instant damage ,speed ,slowness and I think I might have missed some tell me if you find a missing potion here.

Fire Resistance: 100% resistance to fire Water Breathing: hold your breath longer underwater Strength:Gives you more power Weakness: Lowers your power Regeneration: Regenerates your health through time Poison: Lowers your health to half a heart or one hit-point Instant heal: Heals instantly your health Instant Damage: Instantly Damages your opponent Speed:Makes you run faster Slowness: Makes you run slower

Each one has to have a Awkward potion plus another item, except for weakness potions, which are any potion item that's not nether wart glowstone or redstone, which you put a fermented spider eye and yeah.
Anyways Fire resistance =Awkward potion+magma cream water breathing =Awkward potion + puffer fish strength=Awkward Potion +blaze powder weakness=strength +fermented spider eye instant heal=Awkward+glistering melon poison=Awkward potion +spider eye regeneration =Awkward potion+ghast tear(so sad :cry: ) instant damage=instant heal+ fermented spider eye speed=Awkward potion +sugar slowness=speed+ fermented spider eye
Step 3: GO CRAZY!!! :D
Use them or sell them or do what you want with them!!! throw them at lava if you feel like it :D !

here is other tips:
For potions that make your opponent weaker use splash potions, which is the potion+gunpower. This can be used for any potion but the time reduces so for buffs, even if its faster, it could land on your opponent and str II would not be a good thing ;)
make the 2nd tier with the potion plus glowstone Note that some don't have 2nd tiers or make it longer with redstone Note some dont go longer.
Challenger+ have a /v b for a virtual brewing stand which can also store the potions to not waste space in /v c :)

Recipes: Magma cream: found by magma cubes in nether fortresses or made by one slimeball and one blaze powder.
Blaze Powder: put a blaze rod into a crafting area to give you two
Fermented Spider Eye: Put one spider eye one brown mushroom and one sugar in a crafting area
Glistering Melon: 8 gold nuggets around a melon in the middle in a crafting table

Hope you enjoy it and if nothing or something isn't clear post down below and I will make it more understandable :D
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Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 08:23

Good idea to make this tutorial but Id say put more time in this and make it more legible

Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 09:04

pop7up wrote:Fr=Akward potion (Akp)+magma cream wb=akp+pufferfish str=akp+blaze powder weak=strp+fermented spider eye(fse) insheal=akp+glistering melon poison=akp+spider eye regen=akp+ghast tear(so sad :cry: ) insdam=insheal+fse speed=akp+sugar slow=speed+fse

Can you speak English please?

Good guide though, learnt some stuff!

Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 10:13

You don't need to fill the bottles from the cauldren, you can fill them from a water source block.

Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 16:49

CraftyMark wrote:You don't need to fill the bottles from the cauldren, you can fill them from a water source block.

Really, I never knew that :P
And cyg I made that part more understandable ;)

Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 19:31

pop7up wrote:And cyg I made that part more understandable ;)

Yay! A language we can all understand!

I get it now.

Re: Guide to Potions!

11 Jun 2014, 19:33

I made it late night so I didn't bother writing full names but its morning/afternoon so I made it understandable :D

Re: Guide to Potions!

22 Jun 2014, 23:43

Thanks! Very helpful when brewing.
I never knew how to brew unless a friend told me lol. :D

Re: Guide to Potions!

18 Jul 2014, 20:25

Neat! I Always Wanted To Know How To Make Weakness Potions Without Nether Wart! :D And The Cool Thing Is, You Can Splash It Onto Your Friend While They Handle A Creeper! :twisted: Hope You Post More! 8-)

-- 18 Jul 2014, 15:33 --

Have you seen the witches!? They suck badly, throwing potions of slowness, poison and harm at you, and you can't even do a thing! :x Well, thanks to this guide made from my dear friend, you can now fight with their own game of brewing! :D And also, I'm sure witches wont bother you on
skyblock again! This guide is truly amazing! Nice job, pop7up! 8-)
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