Piston Doors

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Piston Doors

Postby pop7up » 16 Mar 2014, 15:36

Hi. I am making a tutorial on how to make piston doors.
What you need: 24 redstone dust, 4 STICKY Pistons, 4 Redstone torches, and Two redstone repeaters :D
Fist dig out 2 blocks deep so you can build.
Like this
Then add 4 Pressure plates and 4 STICKY Pistons.
Then Put 6 blocks of your choice. I m using dirt. Then put one Redstone on the block behind the piston and a Redstone repeater like shown. 4 blocks 2 In each piston and 1 behind each piston. Like shown.
Then add Redstone like so with Redstone under the pressure plate and Voil, Your done.

if you need help, Ask me in-game because I know this tutorial wasn't very good. :lol: :lol: :ugeek: :ugeek: :D :D

-- 16 Mars 2014, 12:03 --

Making PISTON DOORs for 200$.I supply Material. Ask me In-Game :D
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Re: Piston Doors

Postby VeteranWolfy » 18 Mar 2014, 16:45

Another way of making a piston door is to:
(This is mainly for a 3 high piston door but is easily adjusted to 2 or higher door.
First decide where you want to put your piston door and pressure plates. Dig two blocks down under the area you want your piston door and pressure plates. Place redstone in the trench to link the pressure plates together.
Then put a block above the redstone and put the pressure plates above it in the position you want. i recommend putting them with a one block gap between the pistons. In the By the edge place youur pistons one block away from your redstone at ground level. The image will explain it a lot better and make it make sense.
in the image you can see where the pistons should go.
Now in the middle of the redstone dig 1 block to either side and then raise the redstone with the next block which should be under the sticky piston.
Now you put a redstone torch behind the lowest pistons and then a block above the middle and redstone on top.
If you want a two high door then you don't but the redstone on the top and leave out the top piston. Then you can cover up the redstone and your door is done.
Have Fun!

-- 18 Mar 2014, 17:54 --

First Image
Second Image
Third Image
Fourth Image

By the way Pop7up let me post on his topic :)
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