A complete guide to starting on the forums!

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A complete guide to starting on the forums!

Postby FizzyJuice152 » 02 Mar 2014, 01:49

So, I figured this guide would fit under 'Build Tutorials' because 2 of the free ranks are obtainable through posting, and some people have trouble posting, and don't really understand the "spam" aspect, and getting demoted from your rank due to posts being deleted. Therefore, this is to help out players who may have difficulty and/or are new to forums. :)
Obviously if you're reading this, you have found the forums and most likely registered. (For info on registering click here)

All Forums and Information:
--===CityCraft General===--
News! - In this forum, news announcements are put here typically by the Admins.
Rules - Here, all the rules for every server, including the forums, are posted here.
Events - Here you can post events made by players, or server events. All players can post here.
General Chat - In this forum, player talk about general topics, gaming related or not.
Introduce Yourself - In this forum, you can introduce yourself to the community so players can get to know you!
Suggestions - Want to see something added to CityCraft, or just have a suggestion to improve the server? Post your idea here! Here, the community can have their input, and sometimes, depending on the votes you may get, it will be considered for the server. But remember, just because your suggestion wasn't put through, doesn't mean it was a bad idea!
Questions - If you have a question you'd like answered (typically for in-game or forum issues), post them here and the staff and players will gladly answer your question.
Forum Games - Here, players have some fun forum games that you can participate in!
Report Users - If someone breaks the rule (on any server), reporting them on the forums is encouraged. It is also nice to post some evidence, if you want to learn how to upload images, click here.
Ban Disputes - Here, the reason for a player's ban is posted by the staff. If you think your ban is unfair, you can post a dispute here following the template.

--===CityCraft Build===--
Build Information - All information on the build server is posted here.
Build Tutorials - Full of tutorials to help you out on the build server. This could be redstone, building, how to get started, and more!
Build Chat - In this forum, players chat about things mainly including the Build Server.
Build Projects - If you have a build you'd like to have help with, or want to advertise it, post here!
Build Portfolios - Here you can post and view builds made by other players from when they started until now!
Rate My Build - Proud of a build? Post some screenshots and the warp here to get the community's feedback!
Build Committees - Here, information on the committees we have on build are posted. You can apply for these on the website.

--===CityCraft Survival===--
Survival Information - Posts here are all information on the survival server.
Survival Tutorials - Tutorials based on the survival server.
Survival Chat - In this forum, conversations and posts here are mainly directed in-game on Survival.
Survival Marketplace - An area to buy and sell items for in-game use. Ranks are occasionally listed here too.
Faction Forums - You can apply for a faction, view their information, and if you are a member, you can view that faction's private chat. Do note that a faction forum can only be for someone is donated for Tier 3 or higher.

--===CityCraft SkyBlock===--
SkyBlock Information - Information about the SkyBlock server is posted here.
SkyBlock Tutorials - Tutorials you can use in-game for SkyBlock are posted here.
SkyBlock Chat - Chat mainly about SkyBlock in-game.
Rate My Island - Proud of your island? Post some screenshots here so others can view your island!

--===CityCraft Feed the Beast (FTB)===--
FTB Information - Posts about the information on FTB are located here.
FTB Tutorials - Tutorials for the FTB server are posted here.
FTB Chat - Here, posts and conversations mainly about the FTB server are posted.


How to Post:
First off, one basic thing we should get down is which forums count toward your post count. Some people get confused by their posts not counting towards their post number, even though they replied/created a thread. The following forums do not add onto your post count:
~ Introduce Yourself
~ Forum Games
~ Rate My Build
~ Survival Marketplace
~ Rate My Island
This is because in these certain forums, you can simply put random things and rank up extremely easily. This would mean no effort put into earning the ranks which are free and require posts.

Now, here is how to actually post:
To reply, locate the post you want to reply on. Then, once that window is open for the post, look at the top left-hand corner above the post's topic, and press "Post reply +". To make a new topic of your own, go to a main forum place (such as, General Chat, Suggestions, Questions, etc.) and look at the top left-hand corner of your screen, just above where the "Announcements" box is. Press "New topic +".
Second thing is to NOT have your posts considered as spam, or place your posts in the WRONG forum. If you need info on where you post, just the read the wording underneath each forum link, or scroll up near the top of this thread.
Posting something like the following would be considered as spam:

Forum: General Chat
(User created topic) Topic: hi im new
Post contains..
Random Player wrote:hi i just joined the build server and its really nice. how do i get a rank

So, the player probably knows how to earn ranks, and is just posting that to get their post count up. Also, if you have a question, please use the search bar at the top, or visit the FAQ section here. If your question remains unanswered, then you can post, but make sure the post is in the correct section. A "spammy" reply would most likely be this:
Forum: Suggestions
(User replied to topic) Topic: Giving lower ranks more pets
Reply contains..
Random Player wrote:yes this would be cool to have. another server would be cool too like a adventure map server i think a lot of players would join it

Here, the user completely changed the subject. This leads on to: If you are replying to a post, please stick to the topic. If you change the conversation completely (as shown above), it will most likely be due to spam. A decent post that will most likely not be deleted would probably look like this:
Forum: Build Chat
(User created post) Topic: My New Town!
Post contains..
Random Player wrote:Hello! In this post i will be advertising my new town where you can get a free 20x20 plot!! If you would like a plot, go to /warp (insert warp here) and modreq a plot!!! My town just opened, so it is not highly populated, but it will be soon if ya check it out! :D
Thanks for readin

This post wouldn't be bad to have, if you have a town to advertise, that is. After a while, posting will become easy and you soon won't get your posts deleted anymore because you have all the rules down.


What it means to have a post deleted:
The moderators and admins don't do this just to make it harder to get the rank, but to enforce the forum rules. If your posts get deleted, don't take it the wrong way. It doesn't mean the forum staff is trying to get at you, but it means that you shouldn't be posting random things, and post 'correctly' so-to-say as everyone else does. Sooner or later, it won't be hard to post! Another thing, the ranks on the build server that require posts are:
- 10 posts on the forums
- 30 votes for the server
- 10 days registered on the website
Perks obtained:
- /fly
- /setwarp
- /tpa
- /tpahere
- Includes all commands you had from the previous ranks.

- 100 posts on the forums
- 100 votes for the server
- 90 days registered on the website
Perks obtained:
- /back
- x10 /sethomes
- /delhome
- No Hunger
- Access to /pet chicken
- Includes all commands you had from the previous ranks.

A post on all rank info regarding just the ones that require posts is found here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=54825

Another post by GeekyGamer containing info on posting and reasons why you are getting demoted can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=50925

== Thank you for reading, and I hope this post helped out. Also, if I posted this possibly in the wrong area, or if its unnecessary, a Mod/Admin is free to delete this. If I posted some wrong information, or maybe did a link wrong, let me know and I'll get to editing! :D
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Re: A complete guide to starting on the forums!

Postby Windy » 02 Mar 2014, 01:53

Great tutorial Fizzy, I hope many people find this useful when they are getting started.
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Re: A complete guide to starting on the forums!

Postby GaZzWaRs » 03 Mar 2014, 13:47

Woah! This tutorial is really in-depth! Well done Fizzy! Keep up the great work :)
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Re: A complete guide to starting on the forums!

Postby MCRESHINIGAMI » 12 Mar 2014, 16:14

thxs for the tutorial, i have 217 days on the forum and only im member.
i wish goin to veteran but only go to trusted :(
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