Redstone clock design.

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Redstone clock design.

Postby hoodedpsycho193 » 16 Feb 2014, 01:17

Just found an interesting way to do a fairly compact 1 tick pulse clock
The orange wool is where you turn it off/on. Powering it disables the clock, and vice versa. The repeater is my suggested output, however you could technically take output from the redstone, as long as the redstone is still pointing into the block or in dot form below the piston. Here is a version where you can modify the pulse length slightly
The repeater on the right can be set to 2 ,3 , or 4 for this to work, with each one extending the signal by 1/2 a tick(Not sure, will double check later) .Also realize that the redstone immediately behind the piston must be pointing into the piston or in dot form for it to work
Please post if you've seen this before.
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Re: Redstone clock design.

Postby kch1014 » 21 Feb 2014, 00:20

This is really cool! I am going to build this asap! Thank for the idea! :) :) :)
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