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Re: /chest

Postby Phantom418 » 26 Apr 2013, 01:43

_texasripper wrote:What rank do u need to be to acces this feature?


kylecats wrote:This is great news. I was wondering whether I ever see the stuff in my old chest again. Also the ti commands. I find it a little frustrating that I keep finding out about more elite commands that I didn't know about gradually. It doesn't seem like they're all listed in once place really, that I can find. When I want to check for things I go to info or ranks and they certainly aren't all there. Is there a really complete post on the forum somewhere? One including things like gate and bridge and whatever those kind are called, and how to use them?

Well for the gate signs you can use Gurleens tutorial.

This one has a lot.


Or this, not sure though.

But really there isnt a 100% complete list command post, under my understanding.
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Re: /chest

Postby stiv » 17 Feb 2014, 00:19

i was unaware of /enderchest seems useful now have a bit more storage :D :mrgreen:
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