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Postby jkpokemon3 » 24 Feb 2014, 01:13

/warp pokeshop- my awesome shop with 8 mod approvals

/warp pokecity- my awesome city

/warp pokemonchickentown- my awesome town made with chicken_nugget

/warp funville- another awesome town made with chicken_nugget with fun swan dive

/warp pokecafe- cafe that serves only food

/warp NPCjail- near pokecafe, the NPC jail is where there used to be an npc held captive but he broke out

/warp enderlair- was going to be a movie made by me and some other peple. It didn't work out but I was going to be the enderking!

/warp gman- my statue in statue street made by me

/warp infernape- my other statue made by Alteredpov

/warp jkpokemon3- my first house in /warp mushroompoint, my friends and I's town
Pikachu is totally awesome! Come to /warp ttopticshop or /warp opticshop or /warp pokeshop or /warp pokecity or /warp pokemonchickenplots or /warp funville!

*Huff* *Huff* Thats a lot to say.
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