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Postby FizzyJuice152 » 01 Dec 2013, 23:17

Well, I've finally got myself motivated to create one of these, so here it goes... I had one before, but deleted the post because my builds weren't satisfying to me enough to be posted on the forum so everyone can see, so hopefully these builds are better.

Main Account Portfolio
(These will be the projects I have for my main, donator account of FizzyJuice152)

-- First off, this is a guide I made for the server, which got me POTW actually. Took me about 3-ish months to complete, since I got lazy and quit on the build for a while. This can be viewed at /warp CCGuide.

Here is an overall view of the build:

-- Quite some time ago I made a garden-type thing, which was a really fast and easy project. This build's warp is /warp Fizzy_Garden.

This is the aerial view of it, which I thought would make it more clear to see the whole build.

-- This was my town sorta build, but I haven't touched it in some months... so it's basically abandoned. I lost interest in town building, so I don't think I'll be accepting plot requests. But, the warp is: /warp StoneBridgeManor.

This is the main part of town, where the only lone builds are located.

-- Here is my work in progress home, and I've rebuilt this about... 3 times. I finally got the style I wanted, and am looking forward to completing it, so I have a nice house to run off and escape to. This area currently doesn't have a warp, but when it is finished I'll post the warp here. Also, more screenshots to come with my progression.

This is the overall view, not including the backyard porch because my render distance wasn't being nice.

All rooms are now complete! Took me a while, but I finally got it done! Now for the roof...

-- This is a horse estate kinda thing that I built with SCaydi when horses were introduced to Minecraft and CityCraft. There is an indoor stable, 2 barns included with fenced-in fields, and a farmhouse for the both of us. Currently there is no warp that I know of, and I don't believe one will be added.

Here is a screenshot including all 4 buildings of the area.

-- Here, I have a poor miner's town theme goin' on. Not really sure what bumped me into making this build, but I'm building it. I've barely started, and all I have is these carts filled with the resources mined that travel on rails to get to their unloading dock to a main city that I may build with an expansion of the land. No warp, since it's not really worth one yet. More screenshots to come with my progression!

Here's the photograph of the carts, and mind you it's most likely not the final look I will get.

-- A new project that I've started here is a kingdom. I found that packed ice and quarts look rather nice together, so that's the theme for it. I actually got inspiration from the movie Alice in Wonderland (weird, I know), when I saw the white kingdom, it looked like something I could attempt at building in minecraft! I've only finished the front wall so far, but I did only start it a couple days ago from when I'm editing this, so yeah. I'll probably get more screenshots for the other walls, and when I start with the inside. No warp, since it is an unfinished build.

Here's the front wall, as I said before, the only part finished.

-- Here is another new project that I have. Some sort of fancy building, doesn't really have a purpose that I could think of. It was my first time messing with stained glass, so probably more of a test building. Only got the half a wall and the entrance done, so unfinished without a warp.

This is the part that I've got finished for this build.


Alt Account Portfolio
(These builds will be for the projects I have on my second account, FizzyJuice154

-- This is my most recent project with this, my medieval-ish village thing. I plan on it having all necessities, currently it has nearly every farming item (just need melons, sugar cane, and carrots), all livestock animals (including rainbow sheep!), a storage house, smelting house, enchantment house, and soon to be more. The warp here: /warp FizzyVillage

Here is my progress for the village:

-- Next I have an area I'm making with xXxPinkNinjaxXx, xGlitterNinjax, Meowii, and Neon_coke14. We're always adding things to it, so probably will constantly be changing it's finished product. Currently not making the warp public.

Here is the front side of the hill that we are building on:

Here is the back side of the hill:
That's all the builds I felt were worthy of a public posting, so in the future I may add more projects I've started/finished.


~Thanks for viewing and putting in your time if you've read this. Stay tuned!
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