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Postby sugarspice0501 » 03 Nov 2013, 22:18


Some people, or a lot of people, may know me, as I am on very often. I live currently in Rory Ville, my house is at /warp sugarrv, you can visit, admire, whatever you like. I originally built my house at /warp sugarspicespawn, which is now a little shop called Sugar and Stevie's shop, ran by myself and Stevieplanks2. The warp for it is /warp SandSshop. Id love it of you stopped by, it doesn't have much yet, it used to until I remodeled it to be so much BIGGER! I plan for it to be a booming business with so many floors! My skin is a Gryffindor(harry potter) girl skin, which is NOT custom made, but I did add a few modifications. My best friends on this server are sweetandsour01 and Stevieplanks2. SCaydi is also my friend, but of course she is friends with everyone! :lol: I hope you like my builds and I plan on making so much more and expanding and improving all my current builds, which by the way, if you havnt been counting, is two.. Haha. Well, I like to befriend everyone who is nice to me, which is not everyone, but I try, so just say "hey" or "hows it going" next time you see me!! :D
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