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Postby Phox911 » 27 Sep 2013, 10:51

Hey you lot,
I'm IGN: nobody123456789 or Nobody, or Nobo, or Phox911, or Phox,
you know what, hell... Call me what you like.

This is my build profile which I may as well create now because I have not much else to do as a result of ...
Server being down, but I thought I may just post a bit on here and keep you guys up to date with my development as a player. Most of you probably don't care, and this isn't an ego thing, it's just that I want to get to know you all, so I figure the easiest way is to show you what I enjoy doing and later you can determine for yourself whether I'm someone you want to be friends with.

Here's a list of my known builds, forever expanding... Lulz.

My second build, the first of which I'll keep on the lowdown cause it was a real quick tower I built for myself as a temporary home.
But this is the Pagoda I've made and am hoping to turn into a Japanese Themed Village.
Right now, it's very plain, no real decoration, but we'll get there.

Watch this space.
Cheers ~


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