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Postby ottoamezquita » 31 Aug 2013, 05:28

/warp smalltemple
build in city proper, near arcade

/warp februarywilderness
/warp sheepotto
/warp treehouseotto
/warp fortotto
surrounded by tons of rail systems
/warp undergardenotto
go upstairs to the many room complex
/warp templeotto
be sure to go inside/under/around outbuildings
/warp woodtower
/warp tealmanor
/warp ghouseotto

/warp marchwilderness

/warp aprilwilderness

/warp maywilderness

/warp junewilderness
/warp thouseotto
/warp dogwarts

/warp julywilderness
/warp templerail
/warp swamptower

/warp augustwilderness
/warp junglepath
/warp tealhouse
has big room for parties
/warp goldtemple
/warp stablesotto
/warp sbhouseotto
/warp lbhouseotto
has big room for parties
access to deep underground
/warp loghomeotto

usefull warps
/warp shop1 ..2..etc

just made trusted, so I made a bunch of warps to my favorite builds I've made.
have fun, enjoy..

as soon as I figure out how to get screen shots into the forum, I'll give you small samples...
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