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Postby JandB123 » 24 Jun 2013, 14:02

I've made many interesting things throughout the build server. Many of you may know me from The massive JandB123 apartments building that I built. Or maybe you recognize me as that guy who builds the huge statues of your characters skin. I've also helped construct every store in the Emotogaming Industry. I've helped them with emoshop, emostorage, emoofices, and the one we are currently constructing, over a massive pit, emo-ores. So yeah. If you want or need any help building anything, I'll gladly help you!

I also helped build plenty of amazing creations for the Goldenprospect Army, Including 2 airships, a bunker, a base, a satellite, and I'm currently working on a blimp!

Serving you since June 17th, 2013

My twitch is here----> http://www.twitch.tv/therealjandb123
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