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Postby bioniccyborg » 16 Jun 2013, 19:14

I'm going to sum up my time in CityCraft so far as easily as I can and add some of my warps at the end. Well, I joined the server in March 2012 and quickly made friends with some of the moderators at the time: KieranR9, Steve, Laroch, Breath, Chris, cyanii, Disy etc. I used the warp buildings to warp to Kieran's city (can't remember what it's called now :S) and found some land off the edge of a cliff where I started building my first house. It was very basic, and was made of cobble with dirt filling in the gaps after I ran out of cobblestone :P I built a melon farm and discovered the forum, where I signed up and became a Member. After inviting other players to my 'island' (which I have come to call cobbleland) and expanding it, I gained the Trusted rank and very quickly afterwards became a Veteran. A while after this, I decided that I wanted to take it to the next level and so I donated for Donator+. Some of favorite Moderators resigned or were demoted and I was sad to see them go but they were replaced by a really friendly and really helpful team of new Mods. Since then, I have created a new city called (ready for it?) Bionic City (admittedly it's not very original :P) And then; BRoWsKii was demoted. That made me quite sad and so I made a monument for him (which stayed in the middle of my city for a little longer than intended). Since then, I have continued to expand my city and started building in other places also! At some point during my journey, I also befriended NiaLaura11 and helped her to build TentVille.


/warp bionic_city
/warp cobbleland
/warp tentville
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