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Forum rules In this forum you can create a thread to showcase your builds, but you can only edit a thread if it is less than 30 days old.

If your thread is older than that you will need to create a new thread and if you want you can send a private message to any moderator to ask them to remove your old thread, but this is not required.

Please do not create threads that just say things like "Coming soon" or "I'll fill this in when I can", if you post these, they will be deleted!

How to use this forum

Postby Neil » 15 May 2012, 03:47

This forum is for you to showcase the things that you have built on the Build server.

The subject of your thread MUST be your username and nothing else!

You also may only create ONE post in this forum and if you wish to update your portfolio later, you need to edit it. Posting additional threads is not permitted.

There's no specific format of what your portfolio should look like so you could just list all your warps, but adding a few pictures will probably make it look a little better.

Once you've created your build portfolio if you look up in the URL bar at the address of it, look for the part starting t= and get the number that appears afterwards. You can then go to the User Control Panel in the top left and select profile. You'll find a place here to add the number and when you do that it'll appear on the right hand side of all your posts so anyone can easily visit your portfolio.

If you need helping finding your thread number, look up at the URL of this page, the number of this thread is 21480

Finally, after editing, if you want to bump your thread to the top of the list again, you can do so using the new "Bump topic" option which will appear at the bottom left of your post once the post is three days old:


Do not bump your portfolio if you're not updating it.
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