[Cancelled] - Connect 4 Championship!

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[Cancelled] - Connect 4 Championship!

Postby nzspottyfur » 10 Jan 2014, 03:29

Note: This has been out on hold due to a low level of interest. However, you can still sign up and show your interest using the instructions below, however the contest will not be running until we have more players signed up :D

Hi everyone! This may or may not work, but I thought it would be worth a try :D

Welcome to the...
CC Build Connect 4 Championship!
10th January - 10th February

It doesn't matter whether you're a Connect 4 master or have never played in your life!

Anyone can participate!

Interested? Great! Because we need at least 10 people to participate for this to become a vague success! :D

This sounds fun! How does it work?
It's Simple!

To Enter:
Make a post in this format -
1. Player name
2. Games played: (Note: This shall be explained further down in this post)
3. Total:
Wins -
Losses -
Draws -
Only ONE post per player please! :D

To Play:
Now that you have your post set up, you can start playing!
Log into Citycraft Build and either...
- Use /warp connect_4
- Go into the official CC Arcade and use the warp sign on the first machine on the right from the enterance.
Ask any player participating in this to play you. (The opponent must be participating in the competition)
Once the game is finished, please record the following under your 'Games Played' section in your post;
2. Games Played:
[Your name] vs [Opponent's name] - [Win/Loss/Draw]
E.g - [Spottyfur] vs [Pilotfur] - [Win]

Then update your 'Total' section in your post!
Important: If the gravel and sand holders are empty, please send a /modreq and a mod will be able to refill them by standing on the red wool and following to signs. Hopefully I will be online often enough to refill it so this doesn't have to happen :D )

Prizes and Winners
The winners are determined by the amount of wins/draws a player has!

1st Place - An end-style plot
2nd Place- The huge satisfaction of being 2nd best!
Most Draws - A private mushroom biome/island - Approx. 80 Blocks Long
If there is a draw in one category, there will be a final play off organized.
Please do not fake matches to gain points. We want this to be fun for everyone! (Plus I have ways of knowing if a game has been played!) Anybody caught cheating will be disqualified.

If there are less than 10 people participating, the competition may be put on hold. So tell your friends and get playing!

(Winners will be posted on this post on the 10th of February)

Have any questions? Message me or post them below!

-Spottyfur :D
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