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Haunted Mansion - Build Comp! - Rukie1

18 Aug 2014, 11:22

Haunted Mansion
Build Comp

G'day to all!
(or G'night)

I was just building my haunted mansion when I thought... OH YEA!!! Haunted Mansion build competition! It would be a great way to get more players playing and building together, YOU get to build AND get a chance to scare me to death. Jumpscares, surprises, just plain creepy, GO FOR IT! More details below.

Max amount of players on each team is 4, you can work alone if you wish.

No WE of any kind (apart from getting it moved)

No specific size, no specific place, build it anywhere as long as its not underwater(lol)

Gardens do not count but it would be cool if you could include one.

Please set warps as /setwarp HM[team name]

You have until the 21st of September!

Use this template:

Team Name -

Warp -

Players in your team -

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Re: Haunted Mansion - Build Comp! - Rukie1

19 Aug 2014, 00:04

Team Swag

Will be edited later on

MSG me if u wanna join

cause magic :P

Re: Haunted Mansion - Build Comp! - Rukie1

20 Aug 2014, 12:37

Team Name: GaZzLaDz

Warp: /warp HMGaZzLaDz

Players in Team: Me, myself and I (GaZzWaRs)

Team Motto: I can build things sometimes

(Anyone who wants to join my team, msg me and send me a picture of one of your builds.)
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