Wolf_Town Treasure Hunt!

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Wolf_Town Treasure Hunt!

Postby VeteranWolfy » 26 May 2014, 15:10

Wish you could just hunt for a diamond and get a reward?
Well it's your lucky day!
Somewhere in Wolf_Town (/warp Wolf_Town) I have hidden a chest which contains two things. 1. "VeteranWolfy's Lucky Diamond" 2. A book saying Congratulations. The chest isn't inside a wall or anything, trust me I'm not that stupid.

If you find it take it and bring it to me! You must bring both the diamond and the book signed by ME. So I know you haven't just remade the diamond.

The Winner will recieve a special present from me.

Good Luck and Most of all Have Fun!
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Re: Wolf_Town Treasure Hunt!

Postby Norsk_Xenophile » 26 May 2014, 16:00

The chest will not be able to be opened if the block it is on is protected. Just FYI.
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