Story Behind Your Name

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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby jorik1997 » 29 Mar 2014, 17:40

my story is" my real name is jorik... some people know in 18... but my ingame name is jorik1997..
cuzz.... my brother is using my account which is called jorik1996 what my real age is! :P

my game name on other games is Tauras.. its a famous volleybal club here with a sick name!
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby VeteranWolfy » 02 Apr 2014, 16:49

Mine was simple. I was coming up with my xbox name. I was obsessed with wolves so my brothers put it in the name and VeteranWolfy came in suggested. Finally the suggested thing had given me a good name. Something clicked and thats whats ive used for all my first accounts! :D
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby Fizzyfeet » 02 Apr 2014, 19:24

Fizzyfeet- When I was creating my first account on the internet, I couldn't think of a name. And my mum randomly said Fizyfeet! So yeah, all of my accounts are Fizzyfeet(number) there's Fizzyfeet9, Fizzyfeet1, Fizzyfeet3 and Fizzyfeet5. xD
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby Scorge00 » 05 Apr 2014, 12:01

The day I got my name! So I like warrior cats!!! (like a nerd) It's a book series by Erin Hunter (read it NOW)
So at the time I've read 7 books (that's super nooby right now I've read 32. No joke there's a lot of books) On the last book in the first series there is this cat named scourge. He's like this small black cat but he's a crazy murderer
dog teeth on his color. He brought this pack of cats called blood clan to take over the original 4 clans blah blah blahhh. they win people died bloody deaths (MUAHHHAH) so I'm like "OMG SUPER UBER COOOOOOLE WAS LIKE SUPER MANNN" but my original character name was have something to do with fire. So Scourge was 1. a real word and 2. a BOY CAT! so scorge sounded like scourched, and 00 sounded nice too. ^.^

-Scorge00 (the one and only)
-Scorge00 (the one and only)
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby sleawnis » 08 Apr 2014, 19:26

well; The slea stands for:
Suburban Law Enforcement Academy
cause i live in suburban
and the wnis is some kind of Norfolk radio news channel!
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby savvy22 » 09 Apr 2014, 10:59

Mines so practical and boring >.>
irl name = Savannah, so my nickname was Savvy (also i was obsessed with the Rejects Store's logo, ''The Savvy way to shop'').
Mah birthday = January 22nd, so 22nd is my favourite you put them together and you get...

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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby TheRJ3000 » 26 May 2014, 06:12

Well here goes.
My initials irl for my full name is RJH.
So since I was 5, RJ has been my nickname.
But I wanted it to be cooler for usernames.
so I added the first number that popped into my mind: 3000.
So it was RJ3000 but I thought It should be TheRJ3000 because it sounds cooler. That's how I got my username. :D

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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby sauerking » 25 Jul 2014, 02:31

I used to play a realy unknown game called sauerbraten back when a played it ( bout 3 years ago ) i was really good XD so i took sauer from its name and addrd king stating i was king of sauerbraten
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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby Phox911 » 11 Sep 2014, 03:52

Phox is an abbreviation of Phoenix, one of my favourite mythical creatures cause of how badass and how majestic it is portrayed in various folktales and books.
101 is a man with his arms out stretched and if you make it ~101~ it looks like a man is drowning, someone save him JESUS!

Well there you go Phox101.

Oh right, we were talking about nobody123456789?
Ask my 12 year old cousin... Who I ninja'd the account from because I started playing this account in Alpha and could never be bothered buying my own account.

I was never fussed about names, but when I can, I'll change my name to Phox911 :D Create a new persona for myself <3
Cheers ~


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Re: Story Behind Your Name

Postby cano90900 » 19 Sep 2014, 01:08

so Robinson Cano is my favorite baseball player. 9090 was the password to my phone until i dropped it and it cracked so no more phone for me :(. Getting new one doe.
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