Type with ur eyes closed!

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Re: Type with ur eyes closed!

Postby buildbuddy2000 » 12 Apr 2014, 20:28

I am going to type what My username is and what my city i live in is called.

My fhydvhjt dghnc bccv#(( avg h jgdc gd,sgrsgXgb

Hello my name is buildbuddy2000 and I live in Aliquanor
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Re: Type with ur eyes closed!

Postby Scorge00 » 13 Apr 2014, 14:50

what to typroh what to type my oh my what to type, with my eyes closed this must be a blast i couldnt do this in thr past (idk y i rymed however u spell it( -opens eyes- that took so long XD :lol:
-Scorge00 (the one and only)
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