Hi. Anyone remember me?

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Hi. Anyone remember me?

Postby kizzmehbutt » 30 Dec 2014, 01:08

Hey everyone.

I doubt any of you remember me.
My name is Kizzmehbutt (I know, I know).
I have previously introduced myself in 2012.
CityCraft was the first server I ever joined. Ah, the days.
I was a Veteran (or was it Trusted?) on CC Build.
After maybe a year or two on CC, I was banned for stealing a couple items from an unattended chest.
I didn't know that there was a rule about chest-stealing on build. Oops.
Anyways, after I was banned, I continued to play MC on other servers for about six months.
And then...

Exactly. Nothing.

I went into a hiatus due to school and other reasons.
I came back, just today, and saw that CC had been closed.
In shock, I decided to post this.
I just want to say. Thank you to CC.
You guys have changed my life. Seriously.
You all have welcomed me into your community, cooperated with me, and watched me go.
I miss you all. Joe, Neil, and especially Disy.
Again, thank you all.

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