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Postby TJM66 » 15 Sep 2014, 09:22

As Citycraft is about to close, I feel as I need to make a farewell post, to announce my departure.

I joined CityCraft 2 years and 3 months ago. I have been Moderator for just over a fortnight. It would've been longer, but I understand, that the server needs to close.

I gave Moderator my all, and I hope I did you proud. My goal of becoming part of the staff team was accomplished. My goal of helping people on the server was also accomplished. So I believe, my job here is done.

I loved playing on the servers, especially as a Moderator, and I am certain as a staff member, I made many new friends, which I will hopefully stay in contact with.

During my time here, I have just come to realize how much the servers have changed. Waves of Mods come and go rules changed, new servers, new maps and of course, the EULA changes would have to have played a big part in Citycraft's change.

I definitely appreciate the time I've spent on CityCraft, and the community has been great. I assure you I�m thankful for the opportunity given to me to play, and moderate this wonderful server.

To conclude, thank you for everything. It has been great while it lasted. I will remain on Citycraft until the end - to enjoy those final minutes of being on the best server I know. I have never had this much fun on Minecraft before and the experience was fantastic. I really gained some new great friends, and have also been taught a lot, not only about Minecraft, but also about if you try hard, you can achieve your goals. And I have done that.

You can check my 'thankyou' list, as well as my Citycraft life in my Introduction before departing, along with my Portfolio too.

Unfortunately, we now must go our own ways. If you wish to contact me, give me a PM, and I'll hand out my email. I might warn you, that I only check once in a blue moon. :)

Thank you for absolutely everything, please have a safe and happy future and I hoped you enjoyed my company here.

Your's sincerly, Tee/TeeJay/TeeJayEm/TJ/TJM/Spider/Whatever :)
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Good luck with your future, and thanks for making this community amazing!

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Re: Thankyou.

Postby LotusElise2012 » 16 Sep 2014, 00:27

I appreciate your work. I know that you have put in more work than just the past two weeks. Thanks for helping make CityCraft the best community I ever discovered. Also, you became a mod on my birthday, so that's special too. :D

It would appear that this is goodbye. I have had TONS of really fun times with you all. I want to thank each one of you for pouring an interest of Minecraft into me. CityCraft had the best community that I ever found.

Thanks for the memories! :)
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